Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 19mts, 27 dys:

Goar Lagay: Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar attempted to touch the feet of The President of India, Shrimatee Pratibha Patil in true Trini Hindu-style of performing the “goar lagay” after receiving the Pravasi Samaan Award in Jaipur. The question is whether she has compromised the concept of the sovereign equality of states and infringed the secular configuration and contours of governance by this Hindu act of humility, respect, diplomacy and submission. The “Goar Lagay” is a universal Hindu traditional ritual performed by chelas to gurus, children to parents and parents to grand-parents especially after doing “artis”. That ritual is based on the view that the feet are in close physical contact with the cosmic energy force of Dharti Mata (Mother Earth) and accordingly touching the feet of gurus/parents is tapping into this energy force to renew and strengthen the cosmic energy manifested in and that drive all our actions.

Rowley questions Kamla’s Foot Fetish.
Was she showing respect?
Has she compromised our sovereignity as a state?
Was Kamla trying to score media points with the people of India?
Do we even care?
Insurance agent murdered at high noon in bustling St James.
Bad Life Policy?
Bad Business Policy
Drug Policy?
Rowley questions Kamla’s silkworthiness.
Is she a worm or a maggot?
Don’t worms live in tequila bottles?
Little Jack Warner being left in a corner from major UNC events.
Are we being punished or ousted Jack?
No Dollar Fete for all yuh!

Rowley doing a walkabout in Febeau Village San Juan: Is this the PNM Revival?

Rowley walking fordear political life
From D’Abadie to Bourg Mulatresse.
Is this the beginning of the PNM revival?
What new is Rowley bringing to make the PNM a viable option?
We want a proper manifesto Rowley.
Not a book of promises and lies.
Not pie-in-the-sky/high-in-the-sky/let we buy a plane for the sky promises.
Out line the PNM’s vision for our way forward from this and come to the nation with it.
We know Kamla and her People’s Panchayat Govt is ass.
What will you do Different?

Ravi B and Rikki Jai in happier times, before bottles pelt!

Chutney Bottle Pelter Ravi B taking a year off from competition to focus on his band.
That boy selfless and giving too bad.
2 Chutney shows in one night
Is Trinidad ready for the Kuchoorla?

The Porsche Cayenne

The Battle of the Big Cars warming up with Vasant Bharath and Emmanuel George.
George say he pay for her Porsche.
Bharath Say he Porsche was a bargain for the people of Trinidad and Tobago to buy
The express investigate and say maintaining a Prado cheaper than maintaining a Porsche!
Rowley say George Nicholas worse than Calder Hart.
And with Deviant Maharaj as he line Minister…well we gone clear!
The PIGS wining back hard on the country this Carnival Season


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