Crime Clusterf@$k? Political Pantomime 21mts, 5dys:

We back in full Elections 2010 mode with no poll booth in site! Un Confident Much?

If last night didn’t convince me that this People’s Partnership govt is visionless and desperate, then nothing will.

At the start of the week both Scott Drug Report Rambachan  and Kamla Rani announced that citizens had urged them to hold public meetings to discuss matters of national importance. Of course the Trinidad Express revealed that a group of citizens gathered at the PM’s home to petition against the route of the new proposed highway….maybe Rambachan misheard and then misquoted…because it certainly couldn’t be anything else.

So last night the Panchayat launched it’s series of talks….and it was a re-warmed, re-hashed taste of elections 2010 from a microwave that aint working properly.

Kamla Rani’s government booked prime time on all local television….a virtual media blitz….to trot out David Abdullah, Makandal Daaga, Ashworth Jack, Prakash Ramadhar and the Rani herself to remind us that we must be afraid of the PNM….doh put the PNM back there…We do real thing for all yuh….look old ppl could travel on bus and ferry for free…look we increase NIS…look…look…look….and you start to realise that the reason Kamla Rani’s speeches sound so desperate and out of touch is that she is desperately out of touch.
In a month where people had to come to terms with police raids on media houses, Integrity Commission meltdowns, suspicious crop duster rentals from an underperforming Commissioner of  Police, the murder toll climbing to 64 in 59 days, strike actions from unions, protest action from citizens about poor roads and facilities, the Prime Minister and her deck of Jokers delivered speeches that were beyond inappropriate. They were tasteless, full of sound and fury and nothing more.
It was clear from the get go that these men were all trotted out to assure the crowd….and it was a paltry crowd, you’d think in the heart of their support base the Rani would draw crowds larger than the roughly 3000 that was milling about, having trunk limes at the fence close to the roadway and by the time Kamla came onstage a significant number of supporters began walking home. Perhaps like me they too had hoped to hear something more substantial than Pri…oops Prakkash assure people that the partnership strong while he semi-imitated a Baptist Minister with the cadences of his speech…”I remember, I rememember, I remember….”  Prik….sorry, Prakash I remember when I had hoped that the COP would be the voice of reason in this coalition. I remember when I had faith that your party would be the even hand that would represent the voice of the people. Now, in a moment when you can levy public dissent into a bargaining position for your party in this partnership you instead choose to lick the Panchayat’s scrotums. All I can say is that voting for the COP after your display last night is like endorsing date rape!

When The rani eventually mounted the stage her refrain was little different. She reminded the crowd that the PNM was the real enemy…be afraid….be very afraid. Don’t vote them back in…our partnership is strong…stronger than ever….don’t forget squandermania….ANY OF THIS SOUNDING FAMILIAR? By 10 pm it occurred to me that it was the speeches of 2010 all dusted out and presented to the audience but managing this time to leave out crucial issues like Calder Hart, wiping out corruption and CRIME PLAN!!!!!!

And you see this is how I know that I naive….because if you put me in the same position as the Rani, I’d use these public meetings to discuss:

  • How I am going to enervate the economy
  • A detailed, point by point crime plan
  • a detailed plan about agriculture and food production
  • a detailed plan about economy diversification
  • a detailed plan about how to improve healthcare using energy subsidies
  • a detailed plan about how to improve our education system and the calibre of graduates we producing, again using funding from the energy sector.

However, to date….and is 21 months since the Panchayat in govt….there is NO CRIME PLAN and no ECONOMIC POLICY either. Kamla trumpeted last night that our economy is stable….after three years of 0 economic growth the economy is actually dead and needs a defribillator bad. This morning I read that the Indian economy is struggling and oil prices are part of the problem. I wonder where this Indian government likely to find oil to help it out, boy?

With rampant crime and a stagnant economy where exactly is this country going under the Panchayat? That is a question that the Rani cannot and won’t answer. She has no vision or mission beyond holding on desperately to power so that the rest of her small goal Cobo Squad can feast!

Last night Kamla reminded us about PNM Squandermania…this morning the Express reminded us that it’s been happening under the People’s Panchayat too. $60 m tax payer’s dollars to ketch and release 100 men!

The COP last night warned us to fear the PNM like a nightmare….yet it seems that our real nightmare is that we voted a Partnership into power that is filled with toothless hypocrites. This COP has sat by and looked on as the country flailed under poor governance and misstep after misstep and said nothing. Is this self same Ramadhar who first defended Reshmi’s appointment as SIA head then do a back pedal and said “I don’t know the woman.”

We still have two more nights of this farce to go. Tonight they go to Penal and Thursday night the Partnership’s Travelling Comedy Caravan pulls in at Diamondvale.
While they choke us to death with their disgusting rhetoric that lacks any sense, any focus, any plan, the CLICOGATE hearings continue to amaze and baffle us; and the TCL strike has begun to affect hardware suppliers, and possibly what’s left of the struggling construction industry here. Our principled fmr Principal is busy defending the Invader’s Bay Project. Why at every turn are we hearing about issues of transparency with projects? I thought we voted that out when we got rid of the PNM…didn’t Kamla  promise that?

If it were possible to point out how this government has fulfilled any of its 2010 election manifesto or it’s 120 day plan…..I’d give them a chance. But at every turn they lie and abuse the country and for that they will get nothing but scathing criticism from the Pantomime. Marsha and her minions better get ready to be very busy at this website! This isn’t a government I can have any Confidence in….and I don’t need Rowley’s PNM to tell me that!



Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 21mts, 4 dys:

The PM in New York....this week she hits the campaign Machel Monday wasn't recent enough!

Well the Bloggers are out in full force and completely hysterical!

The Queen on the rampage…she hitting North, South and Central!

If you didn’t know better you’d think is Elections 2015 happening this week.

It’s a simple No Confidence Motion, being brought forward by a minority in the house.

Yet there are Ministers quoting non-existent passages in the nation’s constitution and calling for Rowley’s resignation!

On every party wall and FB group possible the race talk has flared up….even the Pantomime getting cussed. Yesterday a man tell me go and find ah wuk…because clearly anybody who writing a daily blog that criticises our government is lazy and shiftless.
But ask yourself one question: Name 3 initiatives that this current Govt campaigned for that they have succeeded at?
Crime was their biggest platform complaint. Has the Crime Plan that Kamla promised at the UNDP event in January been unveiled yet? Is the Rent-A-Crop Duster that Plan?
What about how she has dealt with the failure that is Gibbs?

To date the supporters of this Govt are still hailing the SoE as a crime plan….suspension of the Constitution is a Crime plan????? Seriously? Has there been any kind of anti-crime initiative since then?
What about the way she has ignored all of the issues with Jack Warner and refuses to launch an actual investigation?

Then there’s the economy…Dooks has promised blue skies at every turn, yet the economy is in a recession….0 per cent growth in the last 3 years is nothing to scoff or sniff at!

Sasha Mohammed: threatening e-mails to editors were traced back to her computer.

Recent attacks from the Police Service on the Media don’t look good either…and when you realise that one raid came from a unit that falls under the power of the AG you have to ask yourself how clean are the hands of this govt when it comes to attacking the media? Don’t forget too the threats to an Express editor and reporter that came from Sasha Mohammed/Janice Thomas’ computer and Govt’s refusal to advertise with several newspapers.

Between these three areas…and note I haven’t listed the many scandals , missteps and misspeak, is it a surprise that the UNC Blogging Machine is now out in full force?

If I had a majority of 29 seats in Parliament and me and my ministers were actually “Serving the People”, I’d have nothing to worry about….I wouldn’t need to hold 3 public meetings in one week, deploy hundreds of people on websites and generally look like I’ve been caught with my underwear around my ankles!

Today we have the Cornered Jack Warner, the UNC Chairman who is being ignored and left out of all UNC matters, pledging to have Kamla’s back. While the nation waits patiently for him to get the axe!

Talk is that Prakash Ramadhar wasn’t at the Pink Palace on Sunday either……

TCL has gone on a full strike, and with only 2 weeks’ supply of cement construction sites might have to resort to using  cowdung to lipay them building walls.

The Commish: Bad Report and all we have to keep him!

The tennis game that is Commissioner Gibbs and the Police Service Commission continues. Professor Deosaran give Gibbs a bad report…but refusing to fire him…he want to err on the side of caution.
In short he is telling me that my tax $$$$$$ need to continue to pay a man who cyah do the wuk!!!!

Dat making sense?

In all of this, the soap opera that is Clicogate has resumed, and everybody favourite star girl Gita Sakal back in the spotlight as a “conspirer”! ClicoGate reading like a John Grisham novel these days, oui!

De Vice Cyah Done!

UNConfidence 2012….Tell the Pantomime how you feel!!!!

Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 21mts, 3dys: Panic at the Disco!

The Pink Palace in Penal was aswarm with Government Ministers and UNC activists ready to march against the No Confidence Motion being brought to you by the letters PNM, the numbers 10 and the Keith of Rowley!


Is real Panic at the Disco for the People’s Panchayat!

Kamla summon her whole deck of cards…..except Jack!

The Government that has never stopped campaigning is going into hyperdrive this week.

All because the Keith of Rowley and his paltry band of 10…wait, 9, because Patos on the road to recovery….are about to deliver a No Confidence Motion????
Surely in a partnership that is stronger than ever, with a slew of ministers who performing so efficiently and a the hardest working Prime Minister in the world Queen Kamla can’t posibly be afraid?
So then why 3 public meetings this week?

To avert what?
To explain what?
You aint even make 2 good years in government yet and you already have to convince YOUR constitutents? Water more than flour boy!

Mind you Scott Drugg Report Rambachan is insisting that the govt not panicking and instead trying to make out that the Balisier  Tie Affair is a larger issue. Drugg Report Rambachan also trying to convince us that the group of activists who petitioning for a shift in the highway route also asked the PM to hold public meetings of national importance. Desperate much?

PNM all yuh look for that though…..all yuh well embarass all yuh self with that public squabble over which knot it make more sense to go with in Parliament…As a political party you have yet to prove to a wider public that you are capable of change and evolution. All yuh try to pressure Rowely and end up defecating right where all yuh have to eat…PUBLICLY….Carry on Smartly with the internal squabbles and see where it will get you…..

While the Panchayat’s inner circle running like headless chicken to drum up support and figure out what The Keith has up his sleeve, Principal Sita Gajadharsingh-Nangar fights with a security guard and the Minister of Women’s Unmentionables indicates “It wasn’t us!” It appears that this Principal won’t get a break. The Maha Sabha  and its supporters continue to attack her and people continue to give them their support. What is happening to Gajadharsingh-Nanga is abusive and illegal….but not a voice has been lifted in condemnation of Sat!

In the latest We Were Never Going After Calder Hart news, the probe’s chief investigator is going on 21 months leave….like he in government? I wonder where An& Ramlogan these days? What really has this AG of ours achieved since he get into government? And it seems Glibbs under fire for stalling too. Glibbs you will never get fired, boy…you are too good a Fall Guy. By tomorrow they go blame you for the KFC Baby death…watch and see!

The country’s murder toll hit 61. But the kuchoor in the politics so intense people don’t even have time to pay attention to who get murdered these days.

TCL strike to hit tomorrow….well let me see how the government dealing with a strike and no-confidence motions and Glibbs and Vasant and Jack and whatever else gets thrown at them this week!

Is the hunt on for a new SSA head? Government have 3 more days before the current contract expires…are they making a move to renew or replace? Any family members applied?

Eviction for former SAUTT head?

De Vice Cyah Done!

TWICKS (This Week In Clusterf@$KS) Feb 20th – 26th: Oh Bacchanal!




The PM sharing Carnival cheer at Mas camps.....

It was the week of our Carnival

And all through the land

We feted and partied

With drinks in our hands!

Normally the week of Carnival is a slow news week.
The major headlines focus on who’s won the Road March title and Band of the Year.

Not that these things weren’t also considerations. But in the space of a carnival week we had:

  • A government minister injuring a woman with his vehicle and driving off on Carnival Monday.
  • Police arriving late for Carnival duty
  • Queries about whether Gibbs’ $.9m Crop Duster was actually used for surveillance during the carnival season or to spray White Oak over the crowd!
  • Prof Ramesh Deosaran bashing Gibbs for being incompetent
  • Anand Ramesar calling for Gibbs and Ewatski to be removed
  • The Govt remaining mum on complaints about Gibbs
  • Announcements that Trinmar was being farmed out and Petrotrin as good as sold…with Energy Minister Ramnarine waffling about the details and sounding very shady!
  • Jack Warner going almost silent after weeks of mouthing off and analysts predicting his imminent demise.
  • Reginald Armour having to recuse himself from the Tribunal that’s investigating Gladys Gafoor because he also counselling the President
  • And Sat acting up again where his Maha Sabha schools are concerned.


In all of this the issue that has the Pantomime the most intrigued is the Motion of No Confidence (Wave Yuh Hand Up in De Air) that the Keith of Rowley is bringing on Friday March 2nd. Since it’s announcement Puss in Boots has virtually gone underground….no comments, no sightings, no Louis Vuitton to the Nines in the public face! Knowing The Keith, he doesn’t grand charge….if he is bringing a motion, he’s bringing a motion and the word on the street is that the inhabitants of the Pink Palace have held a pow-wow to figure out what trump card the Keith has up his sleeve. Want to bet they spend the week toeing the line, attempting to be low key about their mishaps while dredging up  meaningless red herrings?
The Opposition doesn’t have enough numbers to get the motion passed…but my guess is The Keith isn’t bent on passing the motion, but on getting information out to raise enough concerns in the minds of the citizenry…as if the daily missteps of this government hasn’t been enough.

Short of that Kamla Rani may well orchestrate another SoE to get the heat off her.

Time will tell.

De Vice Cyah Done!

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar at Machel Monday honouring Benjai

A clip of Machel Montano welcoming Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar onstage during his Machel Monday performance (Feb 13th, 2012). The Prime Minister honours Benjai during her time onstage. We don’t know what the honour is for or what form it took.

Crimeclusterf@$k/ Political Pantomime 21mts, 1dy:

Feting is we Naaame, We doh Play! Photo courtesy Oh Bacchanal on Face Book.


Just when we thought our various statesmen and women had decided to tone down their behaviour in the public eye Fete to de I-Max gives us another reason to chatter.

Clearly the Gladys Gafoor Affair don’t have him hot and bothered enough.
The Errant Commish!Everybody and their Police service Commission bashing Commissioner Glibbs. But nobody want to actually fire him, because it cheaper to keep his incompetence around than to actual hire somebody else to do the job that he not doing…I hope that make sense to you, because it really fly over my head….kind of like an over priced crop duster!

Police Service Welfare head Ramesar wants Gibbs and Ewatski gone and I second, third, fourth and fifth that!

Weeks after the police raid Express and Newsday Professor Deosaran finally find he tongue and make a comment on the issue….I smell the favours that are being curried…All of a sudden questioning questioning Gibbs high on the agenda…but nobody want to Ask An& any questions and ACIB falls under his jursdiction….unless the Queen has already removed it!

On the Clicogate front it appears that the kidnapping and murder of Vindra Naipaul-Coolman put a halt to audit meetings at Clico. Now this cause my eyes to widen at how systems and procedures just seem to stall and stop short at Clico…..and now I beginning to wonder about the motivation behind Naipaul-Coolman’s kidnapping and murder!

Minister of Energy and Smooth behind-the-scenes operator Kevin Ramnarine. Photo Courtesy Trinidad Express website.


While one end of the country embroiled in Clicogate, more trouble brewing in the energy and industry sector. The OWTU warns of strikes at TCL. But what have people more concerned is the TV6 report last night that Petrotrin as good as sold and the Government of Trinidad and Tobago refuses to discuss this issue with the OWTU or reveal their plans to the country. All that is known are that talks are in train and that a private consortium of businesses looking to buy it up. And Roget says the farm out will hurt the nation and has warned against it.

Does private consortium mean Friends and Family of the Govt and their cronies?
What will this mean for our energy subsidies and energy revenue?
Whose pocket is it going to fall into?
Why is the People’s Panchayat Govt so secretive about this deal?
Is the COP endorsing this nonsense and still pretending to be a patriotic party?
Is the Opposition PNM aware of this and turning a blind eye?
Help out the Pantomime here, folks!

It look like the THA smarter than Trinis because they looking to put their house in order where this People’s Panchayat Govt is concerned. how on earth the central government could decide to ignore the THA’s role in running the island is beyond me, oui. Like Kamla Rani’s leather Louis Vs gone to she head!

Minister Vasant Bharath: didn't do anything but apologising and compensating anyway!And in other news that we not supposed to talk about because it might be slander…Minister of Agriculture Vasant Bharath has not admitted to driving over or mashing anyone’s corn….but he has admitted to making police reports, has said sorry (why, if you aint do nothing) and has agreed to settle out of court. Settle what, you might ask? Why, settle nothing…because he did nothing is not going to comment on anything because there is nothing to say anything about!
This government is real tears…not in a good way….the patrimony being squandered, the country and its citizenry being abused….De Vice Cyah Done!