Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 20mts, 22dys:

Ancil Roget (creator of the local thesaurus that includes words like Vapsical) getting ready to lead the Clan of Energydor into battle! Photo courtesy Trinidad Guardian website.

Sound the horns, because Roget coming!

In 3 days if the Government doesn’t come through with far more favourable terms this country is likely to shutdown for 90 days and in a sweetly ironic twist it is a member of our current Govt who has signed the notice of war: David Quicksilver Abdullah!

Lines for gas grow as fuel reserves go lower and lower.

Both Queen Kamla and the Energy Imp, Kevin, have gone on record saying gas reserves are there, while reports show that reserves are lower than they should be. The Imp   has even declared that he will IMPORT fuel if he needs to…..with what $$$$$ Kevin?,155387.html

The most repeated lines of this Pantomime these days are: I don’t know; I wasn’t informed: I was advised or I’ll launch an investigation into it.

Lawyers want to know why Andre Bagoo’s house is under police surveillance….and Glibbs, the Ken to Kamla Rani’s Barbie, has responded that he………doesn’t know!

This Govt sinks accountability to newer depths daily.

As if long lines at the gas station and short supplies of fuel aren’t enough, the Police Service is coming under regular fire for poor performance, poor execution of its duties, and poor training that reveals a deep, dark festering core of corrupt practies. Two foreign media bodies have called on local police to apologise for the raids….let’s see how long Glibbs, An& and the Queen intend to drag this out for.,155388.html

The AG who seems to be slow to take action or responsibility these days.....any word on Calder Hart?

Discontent is brewing in the far lands to the north east….THA’s London has written to the AG on non-action on two Bills.
An&, boy things beginning to look real sticky. First you have absolutely no clue about what going on in the Anti-Corruption Bureau, a division that falls under your remit. Or are you making that up? Remember complaining about the unit a few years ago? Saying that it was the AG’s secret police? Now you claiming ignorance on the raid on Newsday and passing the buck. You tell Kamla Rani you don’t want that division no more and like a spoilt child throw it back to Glibbs the Fall Guy?????? Responsible behaviour from this People’s Panchayat too bad!

Add to all of this the ever escalating crime situation, 2 more gunned down, the murder toll is now 53.

Paula Chester-Cumberbatch, who was fired by one RHA  has been hired to run Tobago’s RHA…..huh?,155390.html

New twists and turns in the Non-Integrity Commission Gafoor/Gordon Affair….university lecturer alleges that Gordon is also in breach of laws and could well be dismissed too.,155347.html

Gladys the Badiss insists she not moving!,155344.html

PantyGate becoming a full fledged 5-act play complete with its own play-within-a-play! Now Sita Gajardharsingh-Nanga, who wanted a transfer from under Sat so badly is now challenging her transfer orders…..So you prefer the conditions under the Panty Rajah? Battered wife syndrome much?,155349.html

And while Trinidad and Tobago burns the Queen going to fete after fete after fete!

De Vice Cyah Done!!!!

Miss Must Fete in her favourite place....on a stage, close to a mic....careful HD, she might take over your career!

A clusterf@$k describes a perfect storm being created by the coming together or even collision of the right elements.

A pantomime is a theatrical production put on by actors.

This country seems to be heading towards a clusterfuck while depending on a troupe of actors to run the country in the midst of what is clearly a growing crisis. 


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