Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime/ 21mts, 7dys: UNConfidence 2012 day 2!

The PM receiving blessings from the Baptist community outside Parliament. Photo courtest Trinidad Express website.

The Pantomime hitting all yuh a quick shot today because UNConfidence 2012 still going on and I want to catch every word…..doh mind they taking a long time to say nothing.

Well the debate start off as a proper circus show yesterday, complete with a singing and chanting crowd of supporters and big screens on the water front….this is what our Parliament has become in Trinidad, a total Pappy Show. The event was complete with ritual blessings and support from the Baptist community for the PM as they poured libation for her and sang Stand Up and Tell Me IF You Love Kamla.

So it turns out that Reshmi Ramnarine aint gone a place, she right here with a new name and a new job that tax payers $$$$$$ supporting. That was one of the marks Rowley buss along with a debate offering that raised questions about how this govt, notably the PM has dealt with: the economy, national security, trade, transparency and accountability. And just as quickly in an interview the PM

Yet the Govt MPs insisted that Rowley’s hands are unclean. And instead of answering directly any questions raised in his debate offering they have thus far stuck to ignoring the issues on debate, rehashing past PNM Crimes, making false claims under the protection of Parliament and generally frustrating the population who actually listening to the debate for its substance.

IT continued overnight and into today.

In other news, Ian Alleyne vows to continue to be the real Police Commissioner to the masses… and Basdeo Panday has accused the UNC of voter padding.

Another man was gunned down yesterday. But in a country with NO CRIME PLAN does it matter and should we really care?

I heading back to the debate folks. I want to give all yuh a proper run down of that!

De Vice Cyah Done!


3 thoughts on “Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime/ 21mts, 7dys: UNConfidence 2012 day 2!

  1. What is really alarming is how the government is giving away our natural resources to Saudi Arabia….I don’t get it! Who in the goivernment benefitting from that deal? Is not only the opposition concerned about that deal, the Brits, China and the US all looking at that deal unfavorably…..

  2. Parliament has always been a pappy show wherever you go, the only difference is that decisions are made in other Parliaments not ours, ours is just a pappy show.

    • if decisions being made in a parliament that kinda prevents its from being a pappy show….what makes ours a pappy show is the pretense at doing serious things, when in fact nothing going on at all…

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