Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 22mts, 21dys:Volney, The People’s Champion!

Listen, all yuh read that story about the Airport Rent Bill????

The Express obtained a copy of the Airports Authority collection report as of January 31, 2012 which stated that a total of $154,288,745 was owed by all tenants, including food providers, duty free shops, car rental services and airlines.

Of this figure, Caribbean Airlines Ltd (CAL) owes some $60 million.

The AATT report listed all the concessionaires and the amount of monies owed as of January 2012.

Among the tenants who accumulated significant debts are Stechers’s Ltd, Prestige Holdings, Total Local Promotions, Tee Wee Ltd, Royal Castle Ltd.

According to the report, although CAL is the main airline with the highest debt, other airlines such as LIAT, Continental Airlines, Virgin Atlantic Airlines and Redjet are also in debt.

Hadeed told the Express that all the accounts were analysed and letters were sent to all concessionaires.”

That is not joke money in rent that the PNM refused to collect you know? That is more money than Kamla 2 oil beaker making. Me woulda shame!

And coming on the heels of  state bodies not being audited and outstanding WASA dues now being collected I realise that we was reaaaaaaaal swimming in $$$$. I mean, if the country could have afforded to spend the way it spent money under the last regime….and still not collect rents, dues and monies owed to it. Big Wet Steupsssssssssssss!

Can anyone tell me how the Minister of Injustice Don Quixote Volney (aka Sour Care Bear)

Herbert Volney, Minister of Justice/MP for St. Joseph/Make of Loose Statements

aint get carted off to St. Ann’s yet?  He really is the People’s Champion? They calling out yuh name Herbert? The man has stood in the roadways and public spaces of this country and said things that reveal he either deluded or living in an alternative reality and yet he is still out and about and getting paid! After passing judgement on a police investigation he actually defending his nonsense? Well, we vote for that, oui! But I say send him Tower D to write a letter of apology poste haste!

I am beginning to think that the UNC have a very small circle of friends….because every new political appointment barely has 2 degrees, much less 6 degrees of separation. You would think they would spread out the food eating a little wider and try and save face, so their rabid supporters would at least be able to say, “Look non-UNC people benefitting too.”, the way PNM supporters are quick to point out that everybody eat ah food under Williams, Chambers and Manning….but no…no such luck, Omar Khan step down when he realise ppl will get wind of his doctored resume (the one that states he has a BSc in  Engineering and an MBA from the IOB….neither of which are true) and now Mrs Wade Mark is T&TEC Chairperson. I going to suspend my disbelief and assume that all proper requirements were met and that Mrs Mark (wife of the Speaker of the House) is eminently qualified and suited for the post. But it looking bad and smelling like nepotism.

Laventille residents are speaking up and saying what we all know, and govt is choosing to ignore, but 21st century Policing isn’t working in the area. Residents are calling for a return of mobile policing units within communities as well as a re-assessment of social and economic issues to see how best to tackle the current crime wave.

Little Aaliyah Johnson’s body was laid to rest and a teenaged relative has been charged with her murder. The more details of this story I hear, the more I think that the Children’s Bill, while extremely necessary (Get on it Verna…leave Cheryl Miller alone!), can’t begin to scratch the surface of the problem. The story in today’s Express shows a young woman caught in a vicious cycle that includes poverty, low self-esteem and bad life style choices all around. Where to start with uprooting the problem which I feel must start with a deterioration in family structures and communal support systems?

There’s been a black out of significant portions of Trinidad ranging from Pt. Lisas to Diego Martin to Arima….mankind wake up this morning and cyah iron their school uniform and in some instances where no electricity means no water…PRESSURE!!!!!! Load shedding folks….

Sita Gajadharsingh-Nanga

And, look out….today is Maha Sabha Monday….let’s see if Sat Maharaj’s claim that Sita Gajadharsing-Nanga is no longer the Principal at the Tunapuna Hindu School, despite the court order she filed to block her transfer, is going to lead to more kuchoor at the school.

It’s Monday folks, the week wide open for more bobol and scandal.

De Vice Cyah Done!


15 thoughts on “Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 22mts, 21dys:Volney, The People’s Champion!

  1. I’d have to disagree on the comment about nepotism in the case of Mrs Wade Mark. mrs Mark was at T&TEC long before she married the Speaker, and earned her position through her qualifications and service. As the Deputy Chair, it is natural to succeed the Chairman.

    Should she give up her position because she married the Speaker?

    • This might come as a surprise to you….but in another country, where democracy and transparency is taken seriously….Mrs Mark would have been required to step down, qualifications or not, merely because her husband being part of state apparatus and her sitting on a state board represented a conflict of interest.

      • you not serious nah….tell me which serious country will have the wife of a State Official chair a State Board and not ask someone to step down because of a conflict of interest? Is this your backhanded way of implying there is no conflict of interest at all?

  2. You made the assertion, you are the one to provide evidence.

    You assert there is conflict of interest and asserted in other countries there will be definite action taken. I ask for evidence. Or are you like other typical Trinis, mouthing off because you ‘know’ it wrong, but cyah say how?

    And yes, I am serious as a terminal illness.

    • There’s a whole website dedicated to looking at Conflict of Interest issues with other goverments globally.
      And I think the terminal illness you suffer from is a lack of will to do individual research.
      And, while there is nothing constiutionally illegal about Mrs Wade Mark holding onto her position, morally, their both being in positions of power either in parliament or on a state board opens up avenues for mischief.

    • Go back to my post and see where I assert that her becoming chairperson is illegal…i don’t even say it is nepotism….I said it smells of it…and for very good reason. Under the Manning regime there was never anything illegal about him making his wife a Senator and appointing her as a Minister of the Cabinet…unorthodox to hire one’s wife maybe, but many other people became Ministers that way….what transpired during her tenure as both Min of Ed and Min of Local Govt was at times troubling. Education had access to a larger share of the budget than was usual, and certainly saw increased access to international loans than other projects. With her shift to Local Govt we also saw discrepancies, years passed by with no local elections being called and pending legislation on matters and it seemed, from a distance as if Central Govt (through the PM) was exerting far greater control over Local Govt (Mrs Manning) than it should have. There are other instances of spouses in govt raising cause for concern. Hilary Clinton’s Health Care Proposal, under her husband’s tenure is one. While it never got off the ground, Americans were uneasy with it and felt that as the President’s wife she was wielding more clout.
      It may well be much the same in the instant of Mrs Mark. Apart from being Chairman of a board, she is also the wife of the Speaker of the House…extra clout that may well insulate her and make her impregnable should she make unpopular decisions. It is potential conflicts of interest like this that the country no longer needs and this Govt already has more than its fair share of nepotism to answer for.
      I didn’t approve your last post for one simple reason. This is a blog, a place for me to express my opinions on issues (go back to the post and see I say it “smells” like it, not “is” it), it is also a space that is for me the individual…your insistence at naming my employers and job position was unnecessary. Since I am not interested in editing the contents of the comment. I am deleting all of it. If you insist on listing my private information in your comments, I am going to have to block all of your comments in future.

  3. You may block my comment, but it matters not. The facts are the same. You spout drivel. You write under your own identity. it is not separate from your profession in that you can be taken to task for any crap you write. Censoring me only makes people suspect you have something to hide.

    Whatever differences there are in writing blogs or “journal articles” you can still be accountable, in law or otherwise, for both. Ask Henry Charles.

    • If I stated something that was inaccurate I’d be the first to correct it upon it being pointed out. I stated an opinion…which I am entitled to. And yes…I write under my own identity…unlike people who hide behind pseudonyms….

    • no Philip….they simply object to me expressing an opinion on my blog and have decided to make their displeasure personal by posting up my private information on this blog and theirs. It’s called cyber harassment. Plain and simple.

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