Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime: 22mts, 23dys

Mayor Marlene to stay!


Well, Kamla tell the nation yesterday, what everyone has known for quite some time….Marlene not Moving!

But Ms Dial of the True and Robust COP Loyalist is speaking out against it, she wants mayorship or nothing….Ms Dial, Prakash the Gonad-less has already accepted nothing… while I admire your fortitude, trust me, the “Eat Ah Food” posse in the COP going to hunker down and chew harder and faster.

The EMA plans to shut down Beetham and Guanapo dumps….would that he would also shut down the dump in Tower D….would too that the EMA would function on doing it’s job properly…where’s the hydrology report that Dr Kublalsingh asked for last week? What about all the illegal quarries scattered around our northern range? What about that batching plant in the middle of a residential area in Cunupia? Dr Joth Singh….I’m underimpressed by you and your establishment!

The audit report into bobol at Licensing has been placed in the AG’s hands… dealers can now heave a sigh of relief…because given Ramlogan’s track record to date as AG, that probe aint going nowhere, and nothing will happen….plus, even if an investigation is launched into the racket at licensing….who going to suffer? Study yuh head good?

The suspect in the killing of the pensioner has been released due to lack of evidence.

Dangerous Dogs is the buzz word this week….and we not referring to the kennel at Tower D…there is now a lot of hullabulloo about the rightness or wrongness of the act, which some feel unfairly targets pitbull terriers and their owners. Don’t all dogs have the potential to be dangerous? Should just pitbulls be targetted (there are two other breeds named, but their numbers are few in Trinidad) or maybe dogs unleashed, and dogs over a certain size?

And the recent trial surrounding the mauling of a child by a pitbull reveals that our police work even more dangerous than dogs….turns out that the prosecutions case is incredibly weak because the police never determined who the owners of the dog are…..


De Vice Cyah Done!


One thought on “Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime: 22mts, 23dys

  1. “The police never determined who the owners of the dogs are” *facepalm*… so who is getting fined or jailed here again? How does it even have a case then? Are they cross examining the dogs in question? I wish we would clean up the judiciary and the TTPS to ensure that laws actually can be enforced and justice is seen to be done in a timely and equitable fashion before we go enacting more laws all willy-nilly in order to fool those that think laws actually act to prevent crimes instead of them coming into play after the fact.

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