Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 23mts, 4dys: Wattiegating Circumstances!

Well WattieGate has officially gone clear….The Keith taking the PM before the Integrity Commission to answer questions about her sister the non-registered nurse and non-cabinet approved travel assistant. Stay tuned for the 4-year circus that enquiry going to be…and let’s see if the PM will still have other people answering her questions for her….because to date is Moonilal who answering all the Wattie questions in parliament. And while the PM facing some heat, Tranpsort Minister Devant Maharaj is sending pre-action protocol letters to Opposition Senator Fitzgerald Hinds. Is sue for sue these days…..don’t oppose this government or question any of their dubious behaviour because is pre-action protocol in yuh tail! Apparently Ronald Phillip, the EFCL Chairman was dismissed from a previous job over matters related to forgery…..yet this regime appointed him to chair a board……. Oh, and the latest MarleneGate heat is not between the COP and the UNC….is down in the mayorship offices self. Keep an eye on this folks, I think a palace coup brewing. Cascade residents have put themselves on lockdown over an increased incidence in robberies….when the 21st century Police were contacted their response, according to The Express was:senior police sources in the Port-of-Spain CID admitted that police had received reports of various house-breakings and robberies in the area. However, they claimed these areas in Cascade were not affected by crime more than any other community in and around Port-of-Spain. So residents of Cascade, you not that special, take your robberies in peace and know that you have company…..this police service serious as a heart attack!   De Vice Cyah Done!!!


One thought on “Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 23mts, 4dys: Wattiegating Circumstances!

  1. putting politics (or political parties) aside what is it with the PP Govt? every Monday morning is some new act coming to light and the lies. more lies and cover-ups begin afresh. the PM doing some very questionable things. and amazingly there are people who are prepared to brush it off and say “so what”. sometimes it seems that our Govt Ministers dont even care whether they are believed or not. their attitude seems to shriek “tek dat”!!!!!

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