CCPP 22mts and 28 days later: Attacking All Opposition


Ok, I don’t know about you, but these days when I get up to do this blog I keep wondering if I’m living in some alternative reality. Some days when I re-read the postings and the articles linked to them I wonder if this blog’s contents can’t qualify as a pure work of fiction. I teach Literature from time to time….and the books I focus on look at leadership, politics and social conditions since Independence. None of the books paint a pretty picture….and this blog is beginning to read like them. Corrupt leaders, creeping dictatorships, a citizenry fooled en masse by a political elite hungry to retain power at all costs, a population so desperate for deliverance it trusts any charlatan priest, prophet or politician that pops up…..I’m referring to the books….if any of it seems familiar to you, start getting worried!

I feel tired, defeated and depressed about reading the papers and listening to the news. And today was no different.

Since last week, I’ve been looking at Ian Alleyne be treated as the next messiah…all that was missing in his triumphant march through Port of Spain yesterday were palm branches and a jackass….ok….just palm branches. But as much as I find some aspects of Alleyne’s show and his public posturing crass and vulgar, I see quite plainly why he is so popular. He appears to be performing…Alleyne seems to be doing for members of the poorer classes, what the police and government seem unable to do…fight crime. If ever there was a poster boy for “perception is reality” Ian Alleyne is it!
And his success here just shows you how far we have fallen as a society. Alleyne sullies crime scenes, has no real conviction rate to speak off and breaks laws such as the Sexual Offences Act….and people are actually rallying to his side and asking that he be given a bligh because he solving crime and is the “voice of the poor man”.

His popularity has become extremely dangerous….so much so, that an arrest of Alleyne for an obvious infringement of the law is now made to be look like the suppression of  a voice that speaks out against the government.
And it is in this way that I believe Alleyne is a threat to the current govt. Ian’s support base is far more diverse than anything the UNC or PNM  can lay claim too…..Ian has the support of the urban and rural working class….which doesn’t know colour and creed….it knows poverty and suffering!

I watched the candlelight vigil on the Brian Lara Promenade a few nights ago and the small crowd that gathered there is an example of his support base. Then watch the make up of the crowd that went to his court hearing. In a matter of hours on the evening of his arrest Ian Alleyne managed to rally a support base over an alleged injustice much faster than any Motion of No Confidence or corrupt act of this govt.

Alleyne, the grandcharging, loose talking host of Crime Watch is more of an Opposition to this current govt than the actual Opposition Leader is….and that’s why there’ll be candle light vigils for Ian, who has broken laws, than there will be for The Keith, who trying to get this govt to stop breaking laws!

So the AG, who seems to have a mancrush on The Keith is claiming he paying to harass the Opposition Leader out of his own pocket. Devant Maharaj seems to want in on the action, even if it might mean sloppy seconds…..And I pretty sure that other members of this government probably circling to see how they could be a part of this parry and thrust with the Opposition Leader.

What confuses the Pantomime is what the government is objecting to. Is it not The Keith’s job to raise questions about the practices of the Government?
There are citizens of this country who have serious questions about the non-extradition of  Ish Galbaransingh and Steve Ferguson. We have serious questions about why under this current AG the prosecution team the state had chosen…that had been pretty successful in pursuing the extradition case was at the last minute changed….and it appears to some that a less competent team was appointed to prosecute by the current AG. I think instead of the AG deflecting the issue with a lawsuit, he should answer those questions. Ish and Steve mad mas with public money and the public has a right to know!
The public also has a right to know precisely what the AG is doing with the budget of $90m plus that he has at his disposal. I find it extremely discomfiting that this government seems to think that citizens don’t have a right to know what’s being done with its monies.

Further, I find it disconcerting that when the Leader of the Opposition does what the Opposition is meant to do (that’s why there was constitutional reform in 1956 to create a strong Opposition &&)  this current Government seems to want to shut down and shut up the opposition….almost as if they don’t want to be opposed or kept in check at all. And this attitude spreads to their treatment of the media. In not advertising with certain media houses they are attempting to cripple them…without revenue how can these media houses function and pay their reporters who are meant to ask the relevant questions?

The PM is currently suing the Express for allegedly maligning her image in a news story that I’d say was mischievously worded….ever desperate Fitzgerald Hinds is now being brought before the Privileges Committee for quoting from the newspaper article…..mind you both Moonilal and AG Ramlogan have been caught misrepresenting evidence….oh, who am I fooling….lying in Parliament on Noel Garcia and Brig Joseph respectively….and no one has brought them before the Privileges Committee for abusing Parliament’s protection.

When you look further, the many police raids of media houses also seems to be a state influenced attack on freedom of expression. The govt has come out to decry such police raids….but remember that the ACIB was a bureau that fell under this self same AG….and when the media got a hold of that information this self same AG pretended to know nothing about the unit falling under his jurisdiction and he immediately asked the PM to remove it from his purview.

This very government has also, within the last week restructured the format of the Joint Select Committee…there is no longer a need for Opposition or Independent members on the committee…it is now strictly a government quorum…this is the committee that weighs in on government contracts and procurement. So now they’ve got carte blanche.

At every turn this government seems to be lying, remains unaccountable and further to that angry and upset when institutions that are meant to keep them in check: Media and the Opposition, question their behaviour and activities. What does that tell you about Kamla and her small goal side? Does any of this sound anti-democratic to you? It certainly does to me.

The last time I checked, the only democratic government that doesn’t want opposition and freedom of expression of any kind is a Dictatorship….we already slipping down that slope at warp speed, folks….


De Vice Cyah Done!



Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime: 22mts, 24dys Is REAL WETTING!!!!

The Express' front page pic today, of Alleyne's arrest last night.


“Director, come back to me, come back to me, Director!

It is alleged…it is alleged director, that I am facing 3 charges under Section 32 (2) of the Sexual Offences Act. But for what Director? For what? For helping the police do their job Director?”

I could almost hear Ian Alleyne show from next Monday evening in my head all now. If you don’t know already then is either you living in some remote place in foreign or in the afterlife because Trinidad and Tobago hot with the news…Crime Watch Host, and the People’s Police Commissioner Ian Alleyne has been arrested and it was all done on national television!

I get confused…under which act? Dangerous Dogs? Mental Health? Both?

Bear in mind that Ian come like a saviour/messiah figure to many members of the society who feel they can’t get justice from the police and judicial services here….if nothing else shows you how decrepit a society we have become, Ian Alleyne’s rise from pastor’s son, to obscure television host….to Trinidad’s Batman is a metre gauge that we shouldn’t ignore.

I ask myself regularly how this man get so popular….but after you’ve been a victim of petty and serious crime here with no damn recourse because our policing system designed to control crowds….not solve crime…it becomes extremely clear.

The meme generators are having a field day!

It is alleged (because I wasn’t watching tv at the time) Police show up at the station at the start of his show to arrest Alleyne. TV6 reporters tweeted throughout the entire event, and is them and my pardner Keithos El Slackos who I was getting blow by blow information from. Now, I have a question….if the man has been co-operating with the police all along, why did the TTPS feel the need for this absolutely public and poorly handled arrest? Were they looking to score points with the public? Did they think this would improve their public image?

Let me make a few things clear and straight, Ian Alleyne’s airing of the tape of that young girl being raped was wrong and disgusting. His showing of dead bodies on the show is crude and disgusting.
What was also wrong and disgusting was the police only taking action on the rape report that the teen’s mother had made 3 months before AFTER Alleyne aired the tape on TV6.

Alleyne’s action cannot be condoned….nor can the police’s action, both before and after the tape was aired.

If, as Om Lalla has asserted, Alleyne has been complying with the police, why the carload of police officers and the stake out of TV6’s building? Why not simply ask him to come into the station and lay charges there? I’m beginning to agree with Lalla that there was an abuse of process.
Could it be that the Police are media whores? Loving the spotlight? Grateful for the opportunity to highlight and showcase their skills on live television?

They want a reality show too?

I find it beyond curious that to date no police officer or section has been taken to task for the level of interference Alleyne imposes on a crime scene when he follows the police. Alleyne regularly tramples crime scenes and handles evidence…REGULARLY….and not a damn thing has ever been done about that….

Anyhow, up to the time I was writing this, Alleyne was still at the Mt Hope Hospital, having succumbed to chest pains and no charges have yet been laid, but on the news last night his attorney said if its the charges he is expecting will be laid they should be able to secure bail for Alleyne’s release. Mere minutes after Alleyne’s arrest the meme generators was on fire and youtube was under pressure. There is a part of me that even wondering if the entire arrest was staged given how over the top this entire thing has been. Raids for rape tapes and now raids to arrest…. If there is a show today….it will be EPIC.

Kudos to TV6 who has successfully removed itself from culpability by insisting that Alleyne responsible for his own show…that way the station never have to get any flack for the filth aired on the programme while getting all the viewership, advertising and ratings. Dominic Kallipersad is ah BOSS!

Now there are other important stories in the news today eh….Ancil Roget, the Labour Messiah, has signed off on yet another 9% settlement for T&TEC workers!

And 2800 WASA workers may face the axe…a bloated company, no doubt, but in this guava season with MPs possibly getting a salary increase, I wonder if the PPG have the testicular fortitude (not ovarian, because our special needs PM never uses hers, she relies on the men around her to take the big decisions and take the blame) to actually clean up a State Enterprise.

A 26 year-old Princes Town man has killed and injured members of his community, allegedly.

Sita Gajadharsingh-Nanga has now requested to stay at Tunapuna Hindu she no longer wants a transfer…PantyGate Re-loaded!

while the PM is saying her coalition govt is stronger than ever, her Min of Planning and the Economy admits that things are uneasy.

More reports of bullying among school children.

Oh, and Anand Ramesar agreeing with Gibbs that police shouldn’t get OT at the TCL compound!


On a side note, to the blog trollers who feel the need to dick measure, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • This is not a news page, my home page specifically says it is my take on the politics and culture….that alone should indicate that it’s my opinion here.
  • healthy discussion is welcomed…abusive or potentially dangerous comments are not.
  • Posting abusive comments are your prerogative….unapproving them is mine!

Is Friday people….it feeling like the bacchanal for the week only now start!

De Vice Cyah Done!

UNConfidence 2012!!!!!! (crime clusterf@$k/political pantomime 21mts, 7dys)

La Matadora is coming! The PM has promised to give us Toro Toro in Parliament today!

Kamla promises to play the matador today folks. That can only mean one of two things.
Plenty BULL$H@T or Machel Montano going to honour the PM by jumping off the  Hyatt dressed as a matador with a jet pack!

Yes, I put as much thought into that statement as Kamla rani has put into her speeches this past week of UNConfidence 2012 Campaigning to show the masses that the Govt that has done nothing for the last 21 months and 7 days is performing.

Where’s the CRIME PLAN?

Where’s the ECONOMIC THRUST to bring us out of 3 years of 0 per cent growth?

Where’s the report on the Trade Mission to India?
Where’s the report on the PROBE into JACK?

Where’s the report to show the economic impact of the FAILED SOE on the Country?

Why was $60m spent to refurbish a warehouse for SoE detainees?
Who is going to lead the SSA?

Where’s CALDER HART? Didn’t the AG promise to bring him and Manning to justice for the UDECOTT Squandermania? How come we can’t hear nothing about UDECOTT, HART or SQUANDERMANIA any more?

Why is SAT allowed to run roughshod over a Min of Ed approved Principal?

Why did a unit that falls directly under the AG RAID A MEDIA HOUSE AND A JOURNALIST’S HOME?

But I know that today we won’t get any straight answers from you Madam PM….or your deck of Jokers.
Your modus operandi today will be to deflect, lie and accept no responsibility.

In the meantime I take comfort in the fact that Little Amy has has received some justice!

And Ian Alleyne still alive to make poor people and disenfranchised citizens still feel they have some recourse….because God Knows your lack of a  Crime Plan aint doing it for them!

So play yourself with the big crowd and pappy show.

Many of us will be actually listening for the substance of your speeches and ready to take you to task for the Theatre of the Absurd that you have turned our parliament into.

The Pantomime is truly disgusted with your governance Madam Prime Minister.

And I don’t need Rowley and his Ten Men to tell me that!

De Vice Cyah Done!

Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 20mts, 17dys:

Fmr Integrity Commission Deputy Chairwoman, Gladys her integrity in question? Photo courtesy the Newsday website.

Well is kuchoor galore with the non-Integrity Commission.
I am a Gladiss, aint a badiss no more, she get dis-missed!

Max imum Fete put she on suspension. But Du-mas questioning his motives.

It look like she hadda boil down like bhagee.,154284.html
And the Only-Good-Newsday, the PR Arm of the People’s Panchayat under some heavy fire!

The reporter desk and home get rubbed down and feel up by the cops over misspokes and misquotes?

But doh worry, Aunty Therese have he back!

the 2X4 Police Commissioner Ian Alleyne. Photo courtesy www.

Not to be left out, TV6 under fire again for the Crime watch rape tape….

this time the Board of Directors head hot having to answer question and respond to letters.

All of this to find out whether Alleyne air a tape or not?

Half the country see the tape at 6pm one day and the other half see it at 10pm the same night….so what really being investigated here?

Nobody seem to know what Gibbs and Ewatski Plane is for….pp resembling Sandy and Glibbs imply is to spy.
Ew-watski say is not a spy plane.

You want to bet is to soak masqueraders in White Oak for Carnival crop duster style?

When it rains it pours, oui!

David Abdullah denies that SOPO knew about coup attempt….careful Senator, is a muslim last name you have, you is ah easy scapegoat in these rounds.
ASJA contemplating the Jamaat and the Concordat…..I beginning to see that we have a muslim hierarchy in this country and some Muslims have more religion and therefore more entitled than some!

Teenager from Maraval area caught with guns and ammo….wait….I thought it only Laventille, Beetham and La Horquetta does have them thing?

Between we Integrity  Commission, we Government and we Police Service, February promising to be a blockbuster month!

De Vice Cyah Done!