…The Cupboard Was Bare!

It’s Cabinet Reconfiguration week, folks. And most, if not all of you, must know  the nursery rhyme Old Mother Hubbard!

Methinks a bare cabinet is what Kamla has been coping with these past few weeks (if not 2 years), because is the same rotting shelving board and rusty hinges she trying to move around to give the impression of a new look and freshness.

And that’s one of the sad things about our politics and governance. Look around you and notice that it’s often the same old, corrupt and dishonest geezers, or young party fanatics who are only too eager toe the party line, repeat drivel and assist in violating the country further.

Since Kamla’s announce that she was going to reconfigure her Cabinet…as opposed to reshuffle, because this PM likes new words for old things….the country has been rife with speculation about which ministers will be moved and who is likely to replace whom.

I want to be a little more pro-active than that and suggest my own changes:

National Insecurity is a big issue here. Everyone (except the govt) acknowledges that there are too many problems, serious crime is up, and People Resembling Sandy needs an anatomy lesson, because like he thinking with his elbow! Instead of setting a thief to catch a thief though….in other words, Making Jack Warner Minister of National Security….which is the most persistent rumour, Kamla should instead appoint the one thing that has been tripping up and stalling the criminal elements here and then some….yes, you got it…..STRAY BULLETS…..I endorsing Stray Bullet as Minister of National Insecurity.

The Ministry of Finance is another hotspot in Kamla’s Closet…ooops, Cabinet. Because our Minister of Finance might be the only person I know who could make a gyro cart, coconut vendor or doubles man go buss! It’s Fizzle, not fiscal policy with Dooks….so, my first choice for Min of Finance is Sauce Doubles, if he turn down the work because Curepe making more money than Dooks, then hire anyone of them “foreign nationals” on the Avenue!




I believe that our loud mouthed Attorney General, who can’t recognise a piano to save his life, but knows how to interfere with Integrity Commission enquiries should be replaced by the Consitution….plain and simple. Just rest it on the seat he used to occupy in Parliament. The Cover page alone more intelligent than Anand!


As for Sports, take yuh pick Kamla, a cricket bat, football or swimming pool will sound more coherent and sophisticated, and do more for Sport in this country than Anil could “talk” about in this lifetime. Plus all three objects know that drugs and sports don’t mix!!!!!!

You also need to move Suruj as Minister of Foreign Affairs and Information. Number one, no foreign or local person would have affairs with Suruj…number two Suruj is racist and is not a true reflection of our demography…in fact your entire Cabinet ignores the complexity of the country’s demography. But I think that is deliberate, because you endorsing the Indian Time Now policy….and that’s your prerogative, but at least get someone who understands how to conduct foreign affairs….pretty much any of the imported prostitutes from Latin America that (allegedly) know Ravi Ratiram name real good!

And for Information put Sat Maharaj…yes, you heard me. Since it going to be propaganda anyway, put somebody who will make me laugh. I want to hear Sat talk about who wearing and aint wearing underwear….it seems to be quite a fixation with him…first was the OJT underwear lines, then was Harry Harnarine’s. I want to listen to Sat talk about Indians here as if they are still citizens of the continent of India….and I want to watch the Indian community here continue to remain mum on the issue of Sat and your government and the tensions and misconceptions about our society your are intent on creating.

I can’t think of who could replace Chandresh Sharma in your closet, Kamla? Maybe we should give HD a turn? After all, he sing real soca tune about Hard Wuk…..and you done very practised at handing him cheques and holding his hands in public!

Any blank copy book you find can replace Grim Doopeesingh…..and any jackass not named Deviant could handle the Transport Ministry.


Is Friday Folks…and apparently International No Drawers (Panty) Day….how fortunate for the Cupboard Lady!


De Vice Cyar Done!


Eliminating the Evidence

And it came to pass on Monday last that Grim Doopeesingh was riding a Jackass on his way to Pt Cumana

when a darkness as potent as the Keith fell upon him.

Grim jumped off his Jackass and grandcharged in the darkness,

flailing his arms about in a threatening manner,

and in the stillness that accompanied the Darkness came a voice that said,

“Verily, Verily, I say unto thee, stop thine foolishness and boileth down like a pot of Bhagee.”

Grim trembled with fear, looked at the voting population,

fell to his knees, begged forgiveness and said “I am yours to command.”
The Pantomime saw this and thought it was good.

This is the word of the Pantomime!
If you google TTPS Crime Stats up to a day ago you would get to the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service’s web page that shows the number of crimes to date in their relevant categories. It is this web page that would have provided journalist Kevin Baldeosingh with figures to refute the claims made by ACP MErvyn Richardson that “Crime is down.” Go and google the same phrase now and there is no sign of the crime statistics…..Information manipulation folks. Without information at our fingertips we can’t think for ourselves….we have to rely on the bodies in charge to think for us. So when in future Richardson say, “Crime is Down” ignore the fact that retirees being hog tied and beaten while their sons being murdered, because how can we refute Richardson’s claim when he alone has access to the figures?

It’s dangerous business when state authorities decide to manipulate facts and figures in this way. We already have a government that lies to us. As recently as this week we had Devant Maharaj claiming that three vessels were being sold for scrap and then the Director of the Water taxi service contradicted him on national television in his presence and said, no, in fact, at least one vessel going to be refurbished and sold further up the Caribbean to function as a…wait for it….wait for it….WATER TAXI!!!!!

There’s a reason folks call him Deviant. He is a cunning one, that man. Just last evening we saw precisely what hiring family members with “common sense” as the only qualification will do for us. Rabindra “Prado” Moonan announced at  CAL’s launch of the start of their London route that CAL will never again give up the London route…..Deviant gets up right after and states that he will be keeping an eye on the route and if it isn’t profitable they will cut it. Two things become immediately apparent: these people don’t do their research, nor do they consult with each other. So, cash strapped CAL didn’t do a feasibility study on this route before launching it to know if it will be profitable or not? They launch the route first and then going to “see” if it profitable? And further, you and Rabindra aint consult with each other on what you planned to say? So basically the national airline being run worse than a parlour by these two fools and we mustn’t criticise.

I see Louis putting some pressure on Coconut Vendors, now my first response to this was, “Louis on he shit again”. But now, I am not so sure. Coconuts, I am advised, go for about $10 a nut now in Port of Spain, it’s a vending item with virtually no overhead on the production end of thing (no fertilising, watering etc) basically you plant, wait, harvest and sell. These carts occupy some of the best locations in town and vend for free????? You think any of those coconut vendors actually pay income tax, NIS and Health surcharge? I doubt, and yet they enjoy some of the best real estate the city has to offer rent-free…..and after 7 coconuts done cover their rent? Look, Louis, see if you could charge rent across the board, oui! That is the one recommendation I have at this stage.

Of course the talk on most people’s lips today will be Sat’s testimony at the HCU CoE wherein he accused Harry Harnarine of putting out a hit on him…Sat’s exact wrods were that Harry paid someone to “eliminate” him….like a bowel movement? A shat? And what pissed Sat off was that when he went to the Police and reported the death threats they told him that upon investigating the report it was determined to be a low level of threat. I listened to this and felt sorry for Sat….people don’t even hate him enough to want to kill him…and for all his public huffing and puffing even the police unmoved by his plight. But the most telling moment during Sat’ testimony came from comments he made that had nothing to do with HCU, and everything to do with curry and identity. Responding to some goad from the insolent Farid Scoon, Sat boasted saying,  if you go now to London curry is the preferred food in London. “We have taken over London.”
When asked if he meant Trinis when he said “we”  he stuttered before replying, “the conquered peoples”. Imagine after being born here, living here, growing here, eating ah food here Sat’s identity still grounded elsewhere!


Is Friday people….and we still here!

De Vice Cyah Done!

In a Real Slump!

I want you to pay attention to a few things. The turn over of new missteps by the PP has slowed down, and what we have now is a case of the same missteps further compounding themselves and becoming large and bloated issues.

These are the issues that are going to be used to do battle against them come the THA Elections, the next Local Elections and of course the next General Elections…whenever that will be. I’m no longer saying 2015 because the political environment seems volatile. While the Panchayat still has a pretty sound support base that flood the the online blogging sites and  newspaper, radio and television comment boards; there is now a growing voice of dissent as well. The people who were always pro-PNM are openly gloating now, “Ent all yuh vote for that? Well take change in all yuh pweffen!” And many of the PP supporters who made the switch to the Bigger, Better Party are now bawling that this isn’t the change they voted for. For many who remember being upset by nepotism, corruption, squandermania and an autocratic leadership style under Patrick Manning’s version of the PNM, Kamla’s tenure thus far seems like a case of exchange….we went from Patrick Manning….to Patrick Manning in drag.
The PNM die-hards have even gone so far as to insist that Manning’s term in office wasn’t “so bad”…and this is where it get’s scary for me. Because when your governance is so bad that Manning starts looking like a good leader know that we in shit!

Our education, health and environmental policies are no better now than they were under Manning. The education system is outdated and failing the nation’s children. Our health care system is in a mess….and as for Environmental policies? What Environmental policies? It still easier for a man to start a quarry in Trinidad than to start a farm!

The majority of the population here is so caught up with just surviving…finding ah food to eat, that the larger issues like what kind of quality of life they want and what kind of governance and leadership they should agitate for escape them completely.

For the mother who needs money to look after her family, does it matter if Dookeran has no real fiscal policies or if Kamla will giver her a handout that will help make ends meet?

And this is the problem right here for me….previous administrations have ensured that the majority of the population remains dependent on a system so shitty that it is demeaning. So, issues like nepotism, corruption, bad fiscal policies, squandermania etc mean nothing once the masses could eat ah food.

In the last 2 weeks there has been a web of lies developing around several crucial issues.

In 2010 the PP campaigned and said that the PNM had squandered so much money there was virtually none in the treasury. Dookeran promised as Minister of Finance he was going to steady the country fiscally, after 8 years of PNM mismanagement, and put us back on track. From Budget 2010, to Budget 2011/12 we have had increasingly larger budgets, and larger deficits. Further, no budget has followed through on the campaign promise of diversification of the economy away from fuel. If anything, Kamla seems to lean heavier on the fuel economy. The other thing that I have noticed about the budgets is that the last three have been focused on spending money on social programmes like increased pensions (which they took back) and CEPEP. What I want you to bear in mind is that the same kind of spending that Kamla et al complained about under the PNM (CEPEP, HYPE, MUST), all the various make-work programmes, is precisely what she is now copying….and further, her same supporters who complained bitterly that “money wasting in make-work programmes” are now saying on the same walls and blogs where they once complained…that CEPEP is a good thing!

I have to smile. CEPEP was once so demonised. It was a programme that UNC supporters complained harboured criminals, encouraged laziness in blacks (we all know about the 10-days mentality), indeed, many critics of CEPEP and other make-work programmes often complained that Manning and the PNM generally used it to create a dependency syndrome in their voter base…..so, then, tell me how Kamla’s use of CEPEP and Colour Me Orange is any different? Is it that Kamla’s supporters like hand-outs too and like to work as little as possible for a regular wage? My goodness….might we have been wrong about the ethnic-stereotyping we ascribed to CEPEP??????

What is frighteningly clear is that this government has no long term goals for turning the country’s economy around. The 2011 budget has seen government come back to Parliament not once, but twice in 2012 to ask for more money….more money from a treasury they claimed was empty. If they’ve asked us twice this year for money to manage last year’s budget…what going to happen in September 2012? Our next budget is about 3 months away and the steady economy and blue skies Dookeran promised us are nowhere to be seen. In fact, he has spent the last two weeks trying to convince us…and himself, that we aren’t in a slump. Central Bank Governor Ewart Williams quoted figures and said the economy was in a slump…Winston Dookeran using the same figures said the economy wasn’t….so who should we believe? Dookeran is a politician in a party that fighting for dear life right now because they have riled up the labour force and pensioners.

We are now three years into the PP’s governance and the economy they claimed was left in shambles is even worse off.

The pension issue is another case of lies and half truths flying all over the place after yet another shady promised. In 2010, while in one breath saying Manning had squandered money and left the treasury empty,  Kamla again promised on her election campaign that all pensioners over 60 years of age, regardless of whether they were receiving a pension elsewhere, would be entitled to a pension of $3000. Kamla made a big deal of it, because it was meant to show how much her government cared. After winning the election the PP government sought to distance itself from the pension promise. And by 2012 the talk had changed entirely with the government insisting that the senior citizens pension would now be reliant upon their NIS contributions. So, now, we have a situation where at least 15,000 pensioners are now receiving $1000 less than they were receiving at their last check, because Kamla didn’t keep the promise made. Yet Glen Ramadharsingh in television and radio interviews keeps insisting that pensioners aren’t getting a cent less than before….so who should I believe? A politician with a shady past….or the pensioners who can show you on their checks where there is a reduction in income?

The last issue I’ll tackle today….and trust me there is more, there always is with this government….is the investigation into Jack Warner.

Last year the Attorney General, following the leaking of a tape in which it is alleged Jack Warner bribed a room of Concacaf officials, launched a probe into MP Warner 2-3 weeks ago the the Police Service Commission (why them???) sent out a press release saying that CoP Gibbs had been advised by the DPP that Warner was cleared. Jack was jubilant….claimed he felt vindicated. Then 24 hours later we would find out that the investigation was done in a half-assed way, the DPP never cleared Jack, in fact he indicated in his report that the evidence was thin….aka half assed investigation, and that the police service should look into whether Warner had broken Customs and Excise laws….to date not a word on that issue. Inspector Totaram Dookie seems not to have explored that avenue in his thorough investigation….and this morning we have the AG, who launched the probe into Warner, jumping in to weigh on the issue and say that Warner is in the clear….pre-mature doesn’t begin to describe his actions….as well as immature and unprofessional. But, then again, this is the same AG who can’t find another charge to lay on Calder Hart apart from perjury….To date the only real investigation into the Jack Warner bribery scandal is on wired868.com, but Lasana Liburd can’t lay charges….the police have to….and now that Mr Warner sits on the same National Security Council as the Commissioner of Police and the Minister of National Security I doubt any investigation on him going to make serious headway.

Oh, and as an aside, the Minister of Buffoonery…Queen Kamla’s Court Jester Rood Boi Moonilal is at it again….he whips out a document in parliament and misleads the public into thinking it might have been linked to Patrick Manning, when it was really another Patrick…..if it’s one thing that has turned me off this PP Government entirely is their penchant for lying….brazen lying and vulgar behaviour….that seems to be their hall mark.

De Vice Cyah Done!

Fool the People, Fool the People, Fool the People!

We’ve had 3 years of economic decline, according to our Central Bank Governor. And our Minister of Finance, who used to be a Central Bank Governor at a time, is insisting that there is no slump. In fact  Williams is saying that our situation is worse than the UK (which is currently in a recession, mind you) in this Guardian comment:

“Our situation is even more serious, in that we have had negative growth for three years. That’s the issue. It’s not so much the quarterly variations.

 “We have had negative growth for three years and that’s our challenge: How do we get out of that slump?” Williams said the figures show in the fourth quarter of last year the economy declined by 2.6 per cent when compared with the same period in 2010 and from all the information the bank had the decline continued into this year’s first quarter.

However, Dookeran, whose chief role now is as stooge for the PP Government and the messenger boy Kamla sends to Parliament ask for more money every 5 months to further supplement their squandermania and overspending, is insisting that there is no slump. So Ewart Williams lie? And if he lie, why he lie? And why can’t you or anyone from your government explain to us how the economy is performing or functioning? dookeran actually said in his speech that our economy was facing what the global economy is facing…..has he seen Greece and Spain recently? Does he know that the US admits it’s in a depression? The worst since the one they faced in the 1930s? Yesterday  international newspapers carried the story that US, European and Asian economies are slowing down. I guess Kamla must have trading partners in worlds we don’t know about that continuing to sustain this economy of ours that not in a slump.

If Europe, Asia and the US are in economic trouble how can Dookeran insist we have no economic problems here when it is plain to see that we do. And in all o f this he goes back to Parliament to request $1.5bn to spend on what? If the economy is not in a slump, based on the info you have that you didn’t share with us, then pray tell Dooks, what you want this supplemental funding for? I see Kamla want $11m more….to pay Vidwattie? I see Cepep need $240m…I see Devant want $50m…where the missing CAL millions? You know what I think Dooks? I think all yuh lining pockets, because to date I see no enervation of the economy, no new projects or plans.

The only programmes the government has in train for labour and employment is CEPEP and Colour Me Orange. That excludes a significant portion of our employable public..unless you sending degreed persons out their to paint stones white and weed the highway.

The alleged investigation into Warnergate is the next lie. wired868.com reporter Lasana Liburd has shown that Insp Totaram Dookie has failed to question many key witnesses and informants related to the bribery allegations, and then they presented a half-assed report to COP Gibbs, who was only to glad to heave a sigh of relief and say Jack was off the hook. In the meantime, while Gibbs and the Police Service make mas with this investigation, we look like asses on the world stage and probably have gone up the corruption list again. It’s the Brits that Warner screwed over folks….none of this is over…not by a long shot.

And PensionGate….what to say about Kamla, Glen Ramadharsingh and PensionGate….anybody remembered when Kamla promised that the senior Citizen Grant would be made into a pension so that no government would be able to interfere with the actual figure senior citizens had to receive? What happened to that promise? Ramadharsingh says “not one cent less”….that sounds like his Guild Campaign Motto in 2002….is he then saying that the senior citizens who now showing checks that $1000 less than what they had become accustomed to receiving lying?

You might be able to fool the people some of the time….but I don’t think you’ll be able to keep them fooled for too much longer. As the economy worsens, crime escalates and your spending and squandermania remains obvious and sickening the people will wake up….and maybe even rise up.

Carry on smartly People’s Panchayat!

De Vice Cyah Done!

Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 2yrs, 11 days: Bananas, Pholourie and Cake Sales!

If in May 2010, you felt like I did, that we couldn’t possibly get a government worse than the Manning-led PNM….then you need to read the story of  Emperor Caligula, the successor of  Emperor Tiberius, who after a 2-year period of trying to keep his supporters happy and displaying political inexperience, then descended into a pattern of extravagance, cruelty, perversity and insanity.

The past two weeks have seen the 2015 elections kick off in fine style with the People’s Partnership holding rallies on two islands. In Trinidad the Right Royal Rani  allegedly accounted for all that her government has accomplished in the last two years. That rally is alleged to have cost us TT$9m and the Leader of Government Buffoonery, Rood Boi Moonilal claims that the money was raised through cake and pholourie sales. In case you missed it that’s Roodimonster pissing in your face and calling it rain.

The murder toll is now more than 170…higher than last year’s toll at the same time, and remember we had a State of Emergency from August to December in 2011 that was allegedly successful in reducing the country’s gang problem (all detainees were released uncharged); drug problems (only marijuana was seized) and gun problem (old, rusty guns were dug up in the country’s forests). In April/May 2010 the People’s Partnership had the plan for solving the crime problem in the country, they had said…..to date, 2 years later, no one is any the wiser for what this Crime Plan is…..2 years later we have a Commissioner of Police paid a huge salary and he abuses state funds to rent crop dusters for crime fighting and we don’t know how a crop duster is going to help fight crime…..this same Top Cop also overseers probes into allegedly corrupt Government Ministers like Jack Warner. And though there is an overwhelming amount of evidence and witnesses who claim Warner was involved in a Fifa bribing scandal, the Police Service under Gibb’s stewardship can’t find any evidence against Warner….Indeed even though both the Leader of the Opposition and the DPP have told the Police Service to look at Customs and Excise Laws, Inspector Totaram Dookie, who is leading the investigation hasn’t managed to come up with a thing….even though Warner had more US dollars in cash at a hotel in Trinidad than is legally allowed to any citizen of the country to have….but I am not a Police Officer, experienced investigator or Top Cop….so what I know? And in case you missed it the investigation into Warner is Gibbs and Totaram Dookie pissing in our faces and calling it rain in a Banana Republic!

This morning I see that the same government who decried CEPEP….the same government that accused the PNM of using CEPEP to keep black people in a state of dependency and need…the same government that accused the PNM of using CEPEP as a tool for squandermania….the same Government that could list for you how many hospital beds could have been built, roads repaired, houses completed, children educated, farmers compensated, how much medication could be bought with the money wasted on CEPEP has just overrun the annual CEPEP budget, and now needs to add $240m more…..Under the People’s Partnership we now have the largest CEPEP budget EVER! I beginning to see KAMLA and SQUANDERMANIA in the same sentence.

Now, I need to deviate a little. This is a country where people love their ethnic stereotypes. And partying plenty and living off CEPEP are two alleged ethnic traits, if you think I lying go read any Guardian article by Raymond Ramcharitar (and his analysis is ALWAYS spot on)….I’m beginning to see that love of fete and all things CEPEP have nothing to do with ethnicity and everything to do with culture, goals and ambition!  So, I’m waiting to see what Ramcharitar’s take will be on this.

PP supporters, instead of getting pissed over my blog posts should start asking their party of choice where is the change they asked for and ask their party to stop lying to the country, stop abusing the treasury and develop some standards!

The PM has the task of reconfiguring the Cabinet ahead of her and I am saying immediately that Devant Maharaj and Tim Goopeesingh have to be moved or fired. The missing CAL $$$$ is a huge issue and Devant has proven to be the most useless Minister of Transport ever. Time will tell if the PM will shift him around or fire him….what I do know is that Devant needs to go. Neither he nor his common sense has performed. I’m sure you heard that he “misspoke” about the CAL board approving the lease of the Prado for chairman Moonan…no one knows about approving any Prado for Moonan.

Tim Goopeesingh has brought his contempt of the teaching service into his tenure as Minister of Education. Goopeesingh reminds me of the average Trinidadian, who willing to have school function as a glorified day care for his/her child, but is deeply contemptuous of the job of teaching, and teachers in general and probably blames teachers for all that is wrong in the society. It shows in his attitude towards his job. It shows in his speeches. Goopeesingh is antagonising the teaching force with his high handed attitude and sooner or later he is going to cause teachers to lash out. The last thing Kamla needs is TTUTA to shut down the country. People could deal with TCL and OWTU strikes…but you see when they have no kindergarten to send their teenagers to when they day come…..well!

John Sandy also needs to be fired…but I am hearing the replacement is Jack Warner, and I hope that’s a bad joke, because Warner, with so many allegations of fraud and corruption hanging over his head in a sane world would have been removed from the government already, not put in charge of a country’s safety….but this is the People’s Partnership where neither Kamla, Prakash, Jack, Daaga nor Abdullah have any principles!

Things heating up in Tobago. This government knows that unless it ship in half of Caroni into Tobago and gerrymander voting lists they done loss the THA Elections to Orville London’s PNM. So they will bully London, audit accounts, find nothing and continue to subtly threaten Tobagonians…..foolish move Kamla…who are your advisers????

It’s June folks….Labour Day coming up…I can’t wait to see the show Roget has in store for us!


De Vice Cyah Done!

Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 2yrs, 8dys: Dropping the Ball

There is a lot to rant about and be vex about these days. So let me try and be systematic about what is irking me.

Complaints about the media and the calibre of media in Trinidad is not anything new. In fact I have on occasion raised the issue with people in the media: reporters and editors. The usual position of course is to defend and explain. I have yet to see a situation wherein they’ve defended, explained and then improved. And many times what has been defended, in my opinion, was pretty indefensible stuff….but if it keeps them warm at night who is me to argue.
In the last 6 months my source for news has been the TnT Mirror, I95.5 and wired868.com.   I have noticed too that the three major dailies: The Express, Guardian and Newsday, that are given pride of place in people’s minds as being more truthful, balanced and valid, are often playing catch up with the Mirror; and often their major headlines tend to be stories run by the Mirror weeks before. A good case in point is this Sunday’s lead story in the Express on Rabindra Moonan’s new ride….that was a 2 week old Express story.

Since the Jack Warner/FIFA Scandals have begun the only website worth checking for valid and researched information is Lasana Liburd’s wired868. To date not one daily newspaper’s sports’ section has made an effort to find out who owns the Centre of Excellence and when the PSC sent them the 2 paragraph press release that stated Warner was no longer being investigated, not a newspaper or media house made the effort to contact the DPP for comment. It was only when CANA’s reporter Richard Lord questioned the DPP that the mark buss that the investigation by the police…headed by Inspector Totaram Dookie was inadequate, and the DPP indicated that it was inadequate and then advised them to examine Customs and Excise laws….COP Dwayne Gibbs took it upon himself to re-analyse the DPP’s letter and to misinform the Police Service. When I saw the CANA news report I thought for certain the media would have a complete field day with the issue. I expected to see the PSC questioned about their media release, Dwayne Gibbs questioned about his interpretation of the DPP’s statement and his subsequent dropping of the investigation  against Warner. I expected to see an interview with Totaram Dookie asking him who he questioned for his investigation and how he arrived at the information he sent to the DPP. I expected to see an interview with Warner asking him how he felt about the DPP’s actual comments…..I expected to damn much.

Instead, to date the only investigative report done on Warner, his corruption, his relationship with FIFA, and his possible fraudulent acts has been done by Lasana Liburd….one man….whereas three media houses with an arsenal of reporters at their disposal have done fuck all.

I’d like to take a minute to thank Mr Liburd for making the effort at keeping us in cyberland informed….unfortunately people with no access to internet won’t know the half that the print and visual media refuse to tell about Warner…and maybe that’s why so many people are still blindly endorsing him as a possible Minister of National Security!

I guess at this point I should also say kudos to the team at the Mirror. I wish the articles carried more weight to them at times; but at least they keep me aware of what else is going on that mainstream media refuses to follow.

And don’t get me started on the non-story that was the Sunday Guardian‘s frontpage. The entire medical fraternity was probably choking with laughter on Sunday at the premise that it was a PNM vs UNC political issue….when it was actually more a UNC vs UNC issue with various members of an RHA along with the Minister of Health  stepping on each other’s turf and toes….if you read the story about President Max Richard’s daughter -in-law being denied a management position at a hospital and check between the lines and see that Fuad Khan and Colin Bissessar (note the last name) at odds with each other on a particular staffing choice you’ll see it has nothing to do with PNM at all…..one wonders what inspired the Guardian to run with this story?

Then came the story about the pension/NIS issues….and I had to wait for Keith Rowley to post a note about it today to sum up what was faulty about the reduction in senior citizens pension. Since the news broke about the change in pension I kept saying, “but during the budget, didn’t they say it would be linked to NIS?”  Then why were so many people complaining and saying the government had promised them a pension of $3000.00. Then Rowley’s comments today pointed out the campaign promise that had been made by the PP in 2010, and how subsequent to their election victory they began to backpedal on their promise. A promise that I had forgotten about until the FaceBook Note reminded me of it. Where Prakash and his Principles right about now? Mum again?

That this government feels confident enough to play with the little pittance that pensioners get tells me they are either stupid or have testicles of brass! They can’t be interested in a second term in office and angering public servants AND pensioners?

Both Kamla and Moonilal drop the ball bad this week too. Kamla, Kamla, Kamla….I beginning to think you might have an alcohol problem in truth…only someone who on some kind of substance would have treated those protesters in Debe so. No serious leader who interested in a second term in office ill-treats its support base in such a way. Indian women came out and voted for you in droves in May 2010….when you can treat the core of your support base like shit under your shoe, what do you really leave for your non-supporters to think and say?

And before Moonilal learn to hush his mouth and curtail his buffoonery he gets up in Parliament and labels what the protesters did “In Poor Taste”. No Moonilal, it is you, with your asinine behaviour in our Parliament, coupled with the poor judgement and leadership of your government that is in poor taste. You, Kamla and the entire deck of fools remain a class-less act!

De Vice Cyah Done!

Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 23mts, 17dys: The Delinquent Mother

The National Mother. Photo courtesy Jyoti Communications website.

Yesterday was Mother’s Day. A day that I associate with anyone, regardless of gender, who nurtures, rears, and gives care to a child. And while I thought about the men and women that have functioned as mothers in my life, I thought too about the people in charge of our government and in fact our country.

Let’s start with the National Mother and Grandmother, who, I am sure, considers herself to be a Mothering Worker!

VS Naipaul wrote a story called Maternal Instinct in his highly satirical and highly acclaimed novel Miguel Street. In it, Laura, the heroine, was a women with many children fathered by many men.

There are days I get the impression the National Mother had the country with several Child Fathers or Baby Daddies, hence the reason  the buck passing can never end with her. She doesn’t answer questions of national concern, it’s always one of the men, even when the questions are about issues that are directly linked to her, like her sister Vidwattie Newton.

Between January to May this country like it get caught in an undertow at Maracas Bay and every time we stand up to ketch weself a next wave of nonsense lick us down. In fact, I daresay that since The Keith’s Motion of No Confidence this govt has been mired in bacchanal after bacchanal, conflict after conflict… and the men who the National Mother keeps hiding behind are abusing her offspring and Kamla, typical of the mother who turns a blind eye to the abuse of her children because “the man helping out” remains silent.

Tell me on what issue has the National Mother actually spoken out on or taken a leadership role on?

Dwayne Gibbs rented a plane for $.9m, money that he had no right to use or disburse, tell me what has become of that and why, the PM hasn’t insisted that the AG put his foot down where that probe and Gibbs’ Commissionership is concerned? She is after all the head of the National Security Council so this should be an issue that concerns her and concerns her deeply. What the Crop Duster rental told us was that this government, led by Persad-Bissessar, didn’t have a crime plan in place, didn’t know procedure and protocol and were quite happy with public officials abusing public funds without being held accountable. This impression of the National Mother and her heads of household haven’t changed.

The Minister with common sense in spades!

Let’s look at Devant Maharaj, who reminds me of the surrepitiously lecherous uncle. You know, the one who always wants to hold you in that uncomfortable position on his lap for an inordinate length of time….riiiiiight! There have been a number of shitstorm clouds hovering over Maharaj’s tenure as  Minister of Transport, none more ominous than Caribbean Airlines Limited. Devant has been involved in misstep after misstep with CAL: under him a financially crippled CAL announced a profit of $200m ( a figure I was immediately sceptical about and the PP die hards called my scepticism racism); under Devant, CAL donated US$5m to the PM’s Life Fund; under Devant, previous CAL chairmen have been accused of having no common sense when it came to managing an airline; under Devant the PTSC has been accused of running a courier service for high priced prostitutes, and it is alleged that a member of the PTSC Board is running the ring…investigations still being conducted.  These are just a handful of the issues plaguing Devant; but by the 3rd or 4th complaint about Uncle Devant, shouldn’t Kamla…as mother and leader have started to ask some pointed questions herself? How exactly did she let it slide when he accused past chairmen of having no commonsense? How exactly has she managed to ignore the fact that mismanagement of CAL has happened under her government’s watch. Arthur Lok Jack, a former CAL Chairman who (according to Devant) lacked common sense, good frig up the government last week when he revealed that  more than US$100m that his board had left intact at the end of his tenure in June 2010 was now missing. A former board member, Allan Clovis, corroborated Lok Jack’s statement. Now Devant is calling for a report on the missing millions and I guess we should believe that he doesn’t know what’s going on with the airline under his purview, and further to that, that Rabindranath Moonan, who was appointed chairman because he possessed common sense by the tonne, also knows nothing about the missing millions? And in all of this the PM is silent and invisible. This isn’t buses and cars….this is the national airline, something that is crucial not just to Trinidad and Tobago but to the wider Caribbean….and not one word from the National Mother….maybe if we gave her a fleet of CAL jets to aid her constant travel she’d have more to say.

Prakash Ramadhar is another parent in this partnership who has me concerned. Most voters in 2010 had hoped that the COP would be the partner that maintained reason, honour, integrity and credibility in this political marriage. In short, we hoped the COP would be the sort of parent we could run to for sane judgement in a time of crisis. Yet we have the COP supporting the UNC in all kinds of questionable decisions Reshmi, SoE, Vidwattie…notice the rhyme scheme), but then getting their panties tied up in knots over a Mayorship.  Prakash has turned out to be just as wobbly and weak a leader as Winston Dookeran. He blows hot and cold at the same time and seems prone to telling either side, whether it’s Kamla or his supporters, precisely what they want to hear. Praksh is precisely the sort of fence sitter that I like to avoid….because he’ll see abuse and justify it as necessary for the child’s  development!

Tim “the tool man”…..i’ll stop there….

Then there’s Tim…..what to not say about Tim Goopeesingh boy? This is a man who spent his previous term in office with the UNC under a fog of suspicion for many things: ghost gang doctors; RHA monies missing; heart and dialysis machines missing and ending up in private hospitals; RHA budget being used to pay for his family’s regular restaurant bills….all of these accusations were being levelled at Goopeesingh, yet Kamla, in her wisdom, as National Mother felt that this is precisely the sort of man she wanted to expose to the nation all over again and this time in education.

He has turned out to be abrasive, aggressive and exclusive in his approach to much of what he is doing at the Ministry. Stakeholders are complaining that they are not a part of the decision making process as regards the SEA exam….a crucial part of our education system. Further, Tim has taken to antagonising teachers now. Openly complaining about perks and benefits that teachers, their union and the Ministry of Education would have collectively agreed on and adding fuel to already tense situations. The latest furore is that the format of the SEA exam is about to change in 2013. 1 year’s notice to change an exam that makes or breaks the future of most children and citizens here. If this transition isn’t handled properly this current government could be damaging the future of the nation’s education system…and I am once again reminded of Kamla’s tenure as Education minister when secondary education for all was instituted and the government she served rushed to rent unventilated buildings to put children in. It was under her tenure as minister that knives, forks and flatware went missing from the ministry and had to be returned.

When the UNC described Kamla as the mother of the nation in 2010, the images conjured was of a responsible caregiver, here to nurture, not boof; encourage, not dictate. Instead the type of mother we have gotten smacks of someone who got pregnant too young. We got a National Mother who more interested in shopping, travelling and dressing up….we got a National mother who lies, abuses state funds and when caught sleeping on the job puts the responsibility on the men around her.

I think we should award Kamla as Delinquent National Mother of the Year! Party hard, grandma….you rock on with yuh bad self!


De Vice Cyah Done!