The Rogue Prime Minister

The PM at a press briefing. Photo courtesy Jyoti Communications website.

The PM at a press briefing. Photo courtesy Jyoti Communications website.

Trinidad and Tobago is no longer a banana republic… of last night with Reuters news service confirming that Warner’s son, and possibly Warner himself, are indeed under investigation, her vague press release in which she says she will wait on an official corroboration is just too hollow for words.

The Prime Minister spent last month in Haiti, right next to the US AG and even members of the FBI. Talk of Daryan Warner’s detention in the US had begun since December 2012 on the day he was caught at the airport with an alleged lump sum of money he had failed to declare at customs….allegedly. And yet in February, with the US AG sharing the same meeting space as you, not a question was asked?

kamla and jackThen you return to Trinidad and the Leader of the Opposition asks you to follow up on these allegations and still nothing?

You’d think that we don’t have diplomatic relations with the US….that they don’t have an Embassy here.
You’d also think that Kamla Persad-Bissessar is daft, or slow minded that she would still have someone with as much shadows over his head as Jack Warner still serving as a government Minister.

But, you see, we aren’t a banana republic anymore…we are THE BANANA REPUBLIC.

In future when films are being made where the setting or crime taking place in a banana republic, it is Trinidad and Tobago’s name that will be used. The film companies will spend their money and go somewhere safe, and name the location Trinitario…watch and see.

But the question we should be asking ourselves this morning isn’t so much will Kamla fire Jack, or will the Prime Minister act on this latest report.

Rather ask yourself why is the PM not acting?
Why is she continuing to keep Warner on as Minister of National Security?
Is she protecting him….or is she really protecting herself?

And then ask yourself this….if the Prime Minister is putting herself, or her minister, before the good of the entire country….what does that make her?

At the time of writing, Communications Minister, Jamal “Insignificant Muslim Coolie” Mohammed has announced that the Cabinet….complete with COP members like Prakash Ramadhar and Carolyn Seepersad-Bachan….stands firmly behind Warner.


We in Full Dotish Mode this Easter Weekend, folks…find ah bobolee and beat it!


Crimeclusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 21 mts, 19dys:

Folks, it becoming very hard for me to keep up with the many stories and angles to this new scandal with the PM’s travel assistant, Vidwatie Newton. The trajectory goes:

  1.  The Indian Government has paid for travel expenses to India
  2. I paid for my sister out of my own pocket.
  3. The treasury has been paying for all of Ms Newton’s travel expenses
  4. Kamla speaks out to say this is allowed because it happened under previous Prime Ministers
  5. Kamla now insists that she tried to pay with a check but her $$$$ was refused.

I am convinced that by midday today we will hear another story. Because this govt is a fiction machine and churns them out faster than the Sweet Valley High series. The latest story claims the PM’s money was refused. Or so I have been advised that the PM has been advised. And the Express’ sources are an unnamed past public servant  who constantly reminded us that it was “unprecedented” to have a female PM and an unnamed Minister who both claim the PM did nothing wrong. My questions would be, if past Prime Ministers had male protocol officers, why couldn’t a female protocol officer be hired for the PM?  Why give the nation so many different stories? Why lie and say you paid out of your pocket when you clearly never did? And still, what are these needs you have that are specific to a female? The story talks about clothes being ironed, and medication being taken….that’s not gender specific. And why are we paying Ms Newton a per diem, and buying an “assistant” first class tickets?
Is your travel assistant living at La Fantaisie Road while you live in Siparia? Is she also using the PM’s official car, while you use the helicopter?

When questioned about the claims she made about President Robinson, the PM deflected and referred to an unnamed Public Servant as her source. In short some unidentified person in the government told the PM that other PMs have done this and it was on that basis that she did what she did.

The Prime Minister all but said eff you to the nation yesterday when pressed by reporters about her sister functioning as her travel assistant. I have nothing more to say. What else is there to say? People are always going to complain!
We’ve just witnessed the PM use national funds, money from the treasury, indiscriminately and you are basically telling us Madam PM that you don’t need to explain anything to the country, or do better. I guess we should put our fingers on our lips, right?

Vernella Alleyne-Toppin. Photo courtesy Trinidad Guardian's website.

Following closely in the footsteps of her leader, Vernella Alleyne-Toppin yesterday refused to accept that she had done anything wrong. Instead, in a loud, strident voice she continues to claim that she did nothing wrong, is a person of intergrity, was unaware that she wasn’t supposed to use the card in the way she did. I guess the louder she says she didn’t do anything wrong, while there is a paper trail to show otherwise; and the louder she claims to be a woman of integrity, while there is a paper trail to show otherwise, we must believe her. It was left to the executive of Shoppin-Toppin’s political party the TOP to upbraid her.
But the TOP didn’t hire and appoint Shoppin Toppin….it was the voters of Trinidad and Tobago and the PM….what’s the PM’s position on this? Is she going to tell us, “Move on.”

This TOP in its categoric condemnation of Toppin’s behaviour also blamed the Ministry of Finance for allowing the misuse of the credit card to continue…Dooks what you have to say boy? And I doubt very much that Shoppin Toppin is going to apologise.

SO, in short, we have 2 incidences of Wrong and Strong Female Leadership. Both the Prime Minister and a Government Minister have abused public funds and refuse to apologise….and in the PM’s case I don’t expect to see an end to the behaviour.

In more People’s Panchayat news  the PM has been advised that there is no ultimatum from the MSJ. I confused….the MSJ there are problems within the partnership, and they giving you 2 months to address it….oh, sorry, that’s just a deadline. My bad.

The Hot Shot Top Cops can’t be disciplined or fired….and the Police Service Welfare President is hopping mad and has called the Police service Commission a toothless bulldog! Let’s face the truth Deosaran, Gibbs won’t be fired. He’s not a public servant, nor is Ewatski. They here to stay. No government gets rid of its Fall Guy if it can help it.

Little Jack Warner facing some FIFA hot water again as a German journalist and cameraman followed him around on site visits to protesting communities yesterday. Warner was yesterday drumming up support for his UNC internal elections bid for party chairman. He went on record to say sorry to protesting villagers for the poor road conditions. All part of his consistent campaign to get PURE put back into his hands. Why do we have a man embroiled in so much corruption in FIFA still functioning as a govt minister here?

Yesterday the Minister of Transport jumped into the fray in support of Maxi Drivers. And it almost come like a case of himself protesting against himself….so I wondering, Devant have a fleet of Maxi he want to change ownership on? He have a horse in this race????

And the latest at Asa Wright Nature Centre is that the mining has stopped….for how long…we don’t know…but we keeping an eye…and no government minister has bothered to explain why this Govt is still in bed with Sunway Construction…a company they vilified during their election campaign of 2010.

De Vice Cyah Done!