SEA Sickness

I have to admit that the hullabulloo that Grim Doopeesingh making about leaked SEA results has me amused. The leaking of these results, whether digitally or manually is nothing new. As a child when I did the Common Entrance (what it was called then) my parents knew my results two weeks in advance of the date it was released. Indeed, the exam has a history of its results being known in the underground days before it is actually printed in the newspaper or posted online, as is the case these days. And for Doopeesingh to act as if leaked results about which schools which children would have passed for is going to destabilise National Security makes me wonder where his head is at.

Yesterday at a post-Cabinet interview Doopeesingh fingered two employees, and when pressed further admitted that the leak was done to destabilise the good work of the Ministry and that it was politically motivated. Grim needs to work for CSI: Imagination! In less than 24 hours he has solved the case of the wikileaked SEA Results without a clue in hand. Further, Grim has gone past the leak being possibly accidental,or technical inefficiency and gone straight for the conclusion that another political party is attempting to sabotage him. So much for the integrity of an investigation, and waiting for the evidence and facts to come in before arriving at a conclusion. So long before the TTPS could fire up a desktop and begin to investigate, Grim, in his own inimitable style has already closed the case in the court of public opinion. And, here’s the rub, because he has said the crime is politically motivated, people automatically assume it’s PNM supporters behind it. Just look at the comment thread to the story link pasted above. And since is only “black people” does vote for the PNM, we already think we know the ethnicity of the one or two employees that Grim suspects. And since Grim has reported them as being unco-operative then it automatically sets up a scenario of stubborn PNM supporters undermining the poor hardworking UNC government. All the undertones are nicely set up now. And don’t forget that without so much as a touch of the ESC key, he’s already solved a case that hasn’t been investigated yet!

Interestingly enough when the Ministry of Finance and the Parliament’s website was hacked this hubbub wasn’t raised. There was no Minister fingering employees for being incompetent, for attempting to destabilise the government. No reports of it being politically motivated. No mention even of ministers having to call Top Cops to order investigations. And why the Minister of National Security has to be involved is beyond me. I don’t foresee this crime being solved. But I do foresee employees being transferred and UNC cronies being put in their places.

It’s the tampering with health and education that has me perturbed. Fuad Khan’s decision to scrap the examinations for nurses has me confused. In regular pedagogical practice if examination results reflect a high fail rate the usual process is to re-visit the curriculum, re-visit the teaching methods, re-visit the exams structure to assess what’s wrong. But in Trinidad, the Minister of Education scraps the entire exam; removes it as a requirement, and now we’ve set the stage for even more questions to be raised about the quality of the health care provided and for even more concerns to be raised by patients. And this is what I paying health surcharge for?

In the midst of all of this the country seems to have been distracted from the still very important issue of Jagdeo Warnersingh’s breaching of laws and abuse of state resources by deploying army and police to attack a group of environmentalist. I intend to be at the MSJ meeting on Saturday in Curepe to hear what lawyer Vashish Maharaj and express columnist Michael Harris have to say about the slippery slope we are currently on.

Supporters of this government can continue to duck their heads in the sand, blame the PNM and label everyone racist for disagreeing with Kamla’s All Four’s Team’s policies, I making sure I keep myself informed…..because you know De Vice Cyah Done!


A Government at SEA!

Apparently I work in the Ministry of Education….how so? Because I have a pdf copy of the SEA results in my possession. Results that are only supposed to be released tomorrow, July 6th. The Ministry, in a clumsy attempt to cover up the fact that there had been a security breach claimed there was no leak and the only people who knew in advanced that they had passed, were the 20% of students covered in the Concordat Agreement between the government and denominational schools. SPLAAAAT!!! Yep, that’s the sound of shit hitting fan!

Grim Tim is currently bellowing like a wounded ox calling it an act of sabotage. And instead of calling in the police to do its job….because there is a section that deals with cyber crime, he is instead calling on Action Jack….I guess Jack going to issue orders to the police service again. More constitutional breaches in the making? But who cares, right? We supporting the government hardcore regardless of the shit they do, and anybody who criticise them hadda be PNM!!!!

A Hindu teacher spat in a student’s face earlier this week. And according to news paper reports this isn’t the first time she has misbehaved. I can assure you that had it been a Hindu child that this had happened to the uproar and public outcry over it would have been great….because Sat Maharaj knows how to make an issue into an ISSUE. We’d have known who the teacher was, he’d have called for the teacher’s immediate resignation and firing, and all manner of dire warnings would have been issued. I have to wonder though, what causes a teacher, any for that matter, to spit in a child’s face and if this unnamed woman’s action was an act of frustration or prejudice?

The Minister of Health has recently gotten Cabinet approval to do away with Nursing Council Exams. Minister Khan has cited a high failure rate, among other reasons for removing the exam. But I don’t know if he has indicated to anyone that removing the exam means that pretty much anyone can now enter the nursing profession, or huge numbers of nurses can be imported from a foreign country without having to meet any local standards, requirements or face any board. When you hear about the mass importation of foreign nurses remember I said it was going to happen. The Nursing Council is currently taking him to task. But I am wondering if it will go anywhere. One of the worst things to happen to this country is the large Parliamentary majority Kamla’s All Fours’ team got. They now run roughshod over the Parliament making and breaking laws as they damn well please!

Apparently nobody clear on who bring Shaq to Trinidad, first Jack and Kamla implied that two Ministries, Sport and National Security, brought him down for a joint crime initiative. Now Moonilal the Court Jester is saying a private businessman paid for Shaq’s trip….who is the businessman? Does he pay taxes? Private Citizens supporting Crime Initiatives now? And Action Jack is now supporting Moonilal saying Shaq’s visit didn’t cost us a cent! This government turn mouth too bad. Is always multiple stories with them that they can never quite get straight.

Doh worry, by Saturday we will hear that nobody paid for Shaq’s trip, he paid for it himself…and by Sunday it’ll be that Shaq got off his plane by accident and decided to mop a drop from the PM to Beetham Gardens. What we are sure of though, is that somehow we being lied to and DE Vice Cyah Done!

Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 2yrs, 8dys: Dropping the Ball

There is a lot to rant about and be vex about these days. So let me try and be systematic about what is irking me.

Complaints about the media and the calibre of media in Trinidad is not anything new. In fact I have on occasion raised the issue with people in the media: reporters and editors. The usual position of course is to defend and explain. I have yet to see a situation wherein they’ve defended, explained and then improved. And many times what has been defended, in my opinion, was pretty indefensible stuff….but if it keeps them warm at night who is me to argue.
In the last 6 months my source for news has been the TnT Mirror, I95.5 and   I have noticed too that the three major dailies: The Express, Guardian and Newsday, that are given pride of place in people’s minds as being more truthful, balanced and valid, are often playing catch up with the Mirror; and often their major headlines tend to be stories run by the Mirror weeks before. A good case in point is this Sunday’s lead story in the Express on Rabindra Moonan’s new ride….that was a 2 week old Express story.

Since the Jack Warner/FIFA Scandals have begun the only website worth checking for valid and researched information is Lasana Liburd’s wired868. To date not one daily newspaper’s sports’ section has made an effort to find out who owns the Centre of Excellence and when the PSC sent them the 2 paragraph press release that stated Warner was no longer being investigated, not a newspaper or media house made the effort to contact the DPP for comment. It was only when CANA’s reporter Richard Lord questioned the DPP that the mark buss that the investigation by the police…headed by Inspector Totaram Dookie was inadequate, and the DPP indicated that it was inadequate and then advised them to examine Customs and Excise laws….COP Dwayne Gibbs took it upon himself to re-analyse the DPP’s letter and to misinform the Police Service. When I saw the CANA news report I thought for certain the media would have a complete field day with the issue. I expected to see the PSC questioned about their media release, Dwayne Gibbs questioned about his interpretation of the DPP’s statement and his subsequent dropping of the investigation  against Warner. I expected to see an interview with Totaram Dookie asking him who he questioned for his investigation and how he arrived at the information he sent to the DPP. I expected to see an interview with Warner asking him how he felt about the DPP’s actual comments…..I expected to damn much.

Instead, to date the only investigative report done on Warner, his corruption, his relationship with FIFA, and his possible fraudulent acts has been done by Lasana Liburd….one man….whereas three media houses with an arsenal of reporters at their disposal have done fuck all.

I’d like to take a minute to thank Mr Liburd for making the effort at keeping us in cyberland informed….unfortunately people with no access to internet won’t know the half that the print and visual media refuse to tell about Warner…and maybe that’s why so many people are still blindly endorsing him as a possible Minister of National Security!

I guess at this point I should also say kudos to the team at the Mirror. I wish the articles carried more weight to them at times; but at least they keep me aware of what else is going on that mainstream media refuses to follow.

And don’t get me started on the non-story that was the Sunday Guardian‘s frontpage. The entire medical fraternity was probably choking with laughter on Sunday at the premise that it was a PNM vs UNC political issue….when it was actually more a UNC vs UNC issue with various members of an RHA along with the Minister of Health  stepping on each other’s turf and toes….if you read the story about President Max Richard’s daughter -in-law being denied a management position at a hospital and check between the lines and see that Fuad Khan and Colin Bissessar (note the last name) at odds with each other on a particular staffing choice you’ll see it has nothing to do with PNM at all… wonders what inspired the Guardian to run with this story?

Then came the story about the pension/NIS issues….and I had to wait for Keith Rowley to post a note about it today to sum up what was faulty about the reduction in senior citizens pension. Since the news broke about the change in pension I kept saying, “but during the budget, didn’t they say it would be linked to NIS?”  Then why were so many people complaining and saying the government had promised them a pension of $3000.00. Then Rowley’s comments today pointed out the campaign promise that had been made by the PP in 2010, and how subsequent to their election victory they began to backpedal on their promise. A promise that I had forgotten about until the FaceBook Note reminded me of it. Where Prakash and his Principles right about now? Mum again?

That this government feels confident enough to play with the little pittance that pensioners get tells me they are either stupid or have testicles of brass! They can’t be interested in a second term in office and angering public servants AND pensioners?

Both Kamla and Moonilal drop the ball bad this week too. Kamla, Kamla, Kamla….I beginning to think you might have an alcohol problem in truth…only someone who on some kind of substance would have treated those protesters in Debe so. No serious leader who interested in a second term in office ill-treats its support base in such a way. Indian women came out and voted for you in droves in May 2010….when you can treat the core of your support base like shit under your shoe, what do you really leave for your non-supporters to think and say?

And before Moonilal learn to hush his mouth and curtail his buffoonery he gets up in Parliament and labels what the protesters did “In Poor Taste”. No Moonilal, it is you, with your asinine behaviour in our Parliament, coupled with the poor judgement and leadership of your government that is in poor taste. You, Kamla and the entire deck of fools remain a class-less act!

De Vice Cyah Done!

Crime Clusterf@$l/Political Pantomime 22mts, 27dys: Mums the Word

Anand Ramlogan’s crush on The Keith growing stronger and stronger. Seems every opportunity he gets he levelling law suits at him…yet the AG is short on answers for the population on Calder Hart, Steve & Ish, the probe into that Crop Duster that Gibbs bought, the probe into Jack Warner and the Fifa Affair, and a whole host of other probes…..that is performance!

Dr George Laquis says our state cancer care is disastrous! And after their attempt to cover up RadiationGate a few weeks ago, and this latest suggestion to put an oncology facility in Penal, I have to agree with him….get out of Cancer care….get out of managing Health care period, because you doing a piss poor job! Fund it and find another body to manage it. How is it that a country like Cuba with far fewer resources can have such effective health care and we swimming in oil $$$$ for almost 4 decades and can’t even manage enough beds and medication for our ill????? You won’t get a comment on this from Kamla or Fuad…don’t hold your breath!

An entire family was gunned down in Laventille. The TTPS says they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. The murder toll continues to steadily climb. Yet, you notice you don’t hear any government official or member of our National Security Council coming out to speak on it? Last year after a spate of murders over 1 weekend Kamla shut down the country and our rights for 107 days…this year after a spate of murders over the East Weekend and a continued climb in the subsequent weeks there is not one word from the PM, the Minister of National Security, or the COP. Don’t hold your breath on this either.

Keith Rowley has alleged in a press briefing yesterday that spying on the population continues under this administration….again I willing to venture that you won’t hear a word from the PM, the Min of National Security, the new head of the SIA or the National Security Council.

What this government has quietly shown in the last few weeks is that it no longer has to answer to, explain or be accountable to the country.

Imagine Devant Maharaj can come out and say that 5 former chairmen of BWEE/CAL have demonstrated that they had no common sense when running the airline. One of these former chairmen is now the head of the Integrity Commission, appointed by Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar. So Devant Maharaj is actually implying that his government appoints stupid people to run Commissions.
And Kamla…that excellent example of female leadership remains quiet….not one word…never a comment from her…never a correction…not even an apology from her or Devant for the insult he has levied at these men!

Mon Desir residents protesting over the highway and its impact on their homes and environment….Not one word from this government!

Tarouba residents protesting about the deplorable conditions of the houses they have been put in…and is years they writing and complaining….Not one word from this government!

Instead they will hope that the population remains distracted over Ian Alleyne’s arrest and the charges laid against TV6. People holding candle light vigil for Ian Alleyne, when what we need to do is burn some candles for Kamla and her Partnership. They have lost their way….they need some light. Today I going out to a store and buy some candles to burn for this Govt!


De Vice Cyah Done!

Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 22mts, 18dys: PR Spinning out of Control

The Star Players in the Pantomime today: Minister of Works, Jack Warner; fmr UNC Leader, Basdeo Panday and CAL's Head Flight Attendant, Kamlarani. Photo courtesy Trinidad and Tobago News website.

I am absolutely convinced that the Govt’s PR team setting them up for a fall. Have you been hearing the radio ads of the last two days? There is an ad fashioned to sound like a news bulletin letting the country know that massive road programmes are scheduled to begin soon….3000 jobs will be created.
About a month ago, when the Marlene Coudray issue became a hot button topic the PM waved 2 beakers of oil, announced that God was a Trini, better times were ahead, things were turning around. Within 24 hours of that manufactured oil find….(Yes, Gillette, we know it manufactured…and we know it pissing you off that we know and figured it out….)…Energy and economic  experts thoroughly trashed the idea of the “oil find” having any sort of real impact. That got deflated fast.

Now, in light of the ongoing TCL Strike, Mayorgate (Marlene aint going nowhere), St Ann’sGate and regular concerns about the PM’s spending sprees and government nepotism….we have road jobs to look forward to.

Who them tactics remind you of? I mean seriously, Jack and Kamla, 3000 jobs to help build highways supposed to make us feel relieved after 3 years of economic stagnancy? And this week there was a story about low natural gas prices…..all yuh goose cooked!

And the best your PR team can come up with is to make ads that sound like faux news reports….to add legitimacy, nah?

And as for St Ann’sGate, aka Miller Time, well this thing just getting stickier and stickier….even the Judge saying her looking at process and procedure, ‘Kokaram said: “The wider issue I am interested in: is what does an employer do when an employee has a mental breakdown in the workplace?”’ BOOOM!
So all this bending over backwards to reveal Miller’s diagnosis, Fuad, and you Verna, telling the media she is unwell….that’s just poor form. The thing you guys should have done since last Friday when it was revealed that Miller was detained under Section 15 of the MHA, was to begin to discreetly negotiate and settle with Miller. What was perpetrated on Miller, the stealthy abduction and admission into a government facility, complete with the admission of drugs and bad procedure is the stuff of psychological thrillers and nightmares. You’ve soiled your hands good and proper here. And regardless of what is said about Miller after this, the country is always going to remember your government, as the one in charge when this crime was perpetrated against a public servant. Your constant cries that Manning is a Dictator (and mind you, it’s The Keith at the helm now, eh) ring hollow, because this act, that the world tends to associate with Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany and Taliban Afghanistan happened under your watch….and its your ministers and your government that’s trying to effect a cover up on what can only be described…from all angles…as an extreme violation of human rights….no one going to remember the just-as-culpable Perm Secs….just Fuad, Verna and your deafening silence.

Road works can’t make that go away!

I wondering too if the PNM and all lost its way with its PR and spin….PNM Abroad spends a lot of time bussing files via FB. For the most part you can depend on the video clips and newspaper links they post to give information or even another side to a story…but of late their tone has shifted from simple PR and propaganda to gossip….and don’t make the mistake of pointing this out to them…then you get told if you aint like it, then lay down side it.

ME: I wish your posts were generally more mature and responsible. Often you spund [sic] like a gossip column in a rag newspaper instead of a source of solid info…when Anil going to cross the floor again? I waiting on the official announcement 3 weeks now.

PNM Abroad: We don’t have to repeat our TRACK RECORD our loyal members know it. We have NO INTENTION of changing the format. It has served us well for the last 2 years and 10 months and the FACTS have always fallen in our favour. I guess it just redbuds back to excellent political analysis.

ME: …my issue is responsibility in information dissemination. Yes this is a pro party group, but its approach likely to turn off the very people it should be trying to attract. And your report on the helicopters aint new. Daily ppl call in radio stations with sightings, so this is no scoop. Try and work on determining a standard.

PNM Abroad: Its simple-if people do not like what we say or how we put it- just either leave or don’t come on site. We don’t force anybody here. In fact however, we know very well our members tastes,we know their demographics,we know our phenomenal growth rate,our reach, and we know our track record on most issues has been exemplary. (not all-just most). We are not about to worry about fighting anyone.

The comments from other posters were deleted because they were irrelevant to this thread, but really, is this the position that PNM  wants out there? We doing we thing, and it working for our demographic and we sticking to it! So what about the people who fall out of your demographic that you might want to attract? Narrow approach much? Considering the drubbing the party’s image received in the 2010 election is this really the route you wish to go?

I see Prakash Ramadhar getting hot and sweaty ForCop these days…meetings after meetings and nothing about Mayorgate cyah resolve. Ramadhar insisting that the main issue is the San Fernando Mayorship issue, the PM saying otherwise and in the middle of talks she have to buss out to ketch ah plane! I hear Vidwattie stay home on this trip…So who attending to the PM’s Special Needs? Nobody? The Needs disappear? Or they on hold until we stop paying attention????

Activist Wayne Kublalsingh and Mon Desir residents put down a nice piece of protest on the EMA yesterday. Activists and villagers picketed the EMA office in order to get CEC’s that will determine whether or not the highway carded to pass through Mon Desir has actually gottten approval.

No lawyer wants to defend the taxi driver who formed the paedophile ring in Claxton Bay.

Volney the Sour Care Bear under fire for his loose cannon comments yesterday.

Deputy Police Commissioners who resemble Sandy, not Gibbs and Ewatski, were sent into Mt D’Or to have peace talks with residents….this govt jokey for truth, oui….one minute they bawling for ethnic parity and then when it suits them they use ethnicity as part of their crime plan….speaking of Crime Plan, we up to 107 murders for the year, last year was 117 (so thank God for that SoE, it was a real success), what is really the Crime Plan besides the Crop Duster????

Is Friday folks, and I have to tell you I didn’t believe St Ann’sGate woulda still been the lead story given the speed of our news cycles. But the state attacking a public servant was always going to be a huge issue.

I will leave you with a quote from meh boy….the one and only De Bas!

‎”I think they love power so much, all of them, that they will swallow their vomit in order to hold on to office” – Basdeo Panday


De Vice Cyah Done!

Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 22mts, 17dys: Failing the Children!

Remember Daniel Guerra? Remember he was picked up in a car a stone’s throw from his house, by a parlour, and days later his body was found in the Tarouba waterway system?

Remember people speculated about his mother, and her boyfriend who was linked to the police service?

Remember the Prime Minister as a mother and a grandmother went to the family’s home to cry with Daniel’s mother and grandmother?

Remember the Prime Minister wrote a Letter to Daniel, that was really a letter promising to save all the children of Trinidad and Tobago promising that what happened to Daniel, Akiel, Sean Luke, Amy, Hope…..would never happen again….

Well, according to Alicia Hospedales in crimes against children are on the rise, and the government has been quietly dismantling social work and welfare projects that can assist in these situations…..So think about little Aaliyah now, who, according the forensic report was beaten to death…. This is going to happen again and again partly because this society is very sick and partly because very few systems are properly enabled to deal with these issues….when last you hear about the trial against the two boys that killed Sean Luke? I done talk….it have work for Verna to do, you know….it have work for Verna to do.

Sir Herbert Loose Cannon is living up to his name and reputation. Lord Minister of Injustice has taken it upon himself to declare Atiba Duncan’s killing a homicide…all on the basis of him being the MP for St Joseph, the constituency that Mt D’or falls into. It sound to me like Volney trying to cover he ass and save face with his residents. It pretty well known that during elections 2010 Volney, and former Minister for the area, Carlos John were seen in the company of community leaders as they did their walkabouts in the area. Fellas, doh hot all yuh head….Herbie have yuh  back! According to forensic pathologist Dr Alexandrov, Atiba Duncan was shot in the back. So Herbie missed one.

Devant facing some heat for over questionable contracts with PTSC and Airports Authority. I just glad to know that even grasscutters eating ah food too!

The Partnership meet and talk for 4 hours yesterday and meeting again today…

TCL workers receiving death threats, it is alleged that they have Venezuelans working at the plant now.

And the State vs Cheryl Miller has added a new lawyer to the State’s side….Fuad like he get vex with Vashiest Maharaj and went and hire Devesh Maharaj and Russell Martineau with Silk!

The plot thickening, folks….this might mean they planning to go to a full trial. Kuchoorments and La Cooray!

De Vice Cyah Done!

Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 22mts, 16dys: Bullies and Back-Pedallers!

Fitzgerald Hinds, legal counsel for Cheryl Miller and opposition Senator.


I hear Fitzie naming Verna bold bold in a radio interview clip on news this morning and I read the comments from the head of the Public Service in the Express this morning and mankind and womankind reaching for tarpaulin to  cover their ass. It appears that the Perm Sec in Gender Affairs only raise the issue after the mark buss in the media…..Sandra Jones, something as important as committing a colleague to St Ann’s you aint even write an e-mail, much less a report on this issue? Wait….is so immune you is Sandra? You don’t even have to inform your superiors about so important a decision? But the Public Service is a dangerous place to work??????

Fitzie saying he never call the media vultures….and Fitzie I hope you aint backpedalling now too, eh!

Senior Counsel Stanley Marcus is urging Health Minister Fuad Khan to hush… but Fuad, is days now I telling you hush. Is days now I telling you that you can’t be discussing Cheryl Miller business in such a casual and cavalier manner…so much years you is a doctor, you never learn bout doctor/client confidentiality? Quit the Cheryl Miller Smear Campaign….it done looking bad that your ministry involved in this debacle…do the right thing!

So the Min of Health meeting with everybody that was involved today, to get their stories straight. And Cheryl Miller has been advised to stay at home….until the case resolved….Wait, is send they sending Cheryl home? She on suspension? Holiday? No-pay leave? Look, this is the public service….define the leave all yuh asking/telling/demanding Miller take.

I beginning to feel really sorry for the senior members of the Public Service, because at every turn in this issue they are revealing themselves to be inept, bumbling fools. This issue is fast becoming a PR nightmare that’s going to haunt them for years, if not decades to come…..

spate of murders happened in a 24-hr period, the murder toll is now 100, according to the Newsday’s tally. The Guardian reports 5 murders over a 24-hr period. Repeat after me, “The SoE was a success!”

Deputy Commissioner of Police is busy defending the 21st Century Policing Plan…that managed to catch 20 ppl over the weekend for drunk driving and traffic offences. I wish we could get a Crime Plan that dealt with the issues plaguing our society in a multi-pronged way….sighhhhhhh.

Then it seems as if sexual crimes against children are back in the news. A  two-year-old girl was sexually abused before her death, and police aren’t ruling out murder.

And it appears that there is a ring of paedophiles in Claxton Bay, ranging from the ages of 13 to 51.

So, question, Minister St Rose Greaves, when exactly is this government going to table the Children’s Bill in parliament. More than 6 weeks ago Minister Roodal Moonilal claimed that the PNM’s Motion of No Confidence was the reason the Bill couldn’t be tabled. Surely enough weeks have passed….surely our parliament’s time can be taken up debating this Bill rather than listening to Anand and Roodal lie and dishonour the reputation of private citizens and former public servants.

So, when you aren’t standing by watching your PS bully weaker members of staff….can you please try and table the Bill?

Partnership talks are due to resume tomorrow, as Prakash Ramadhar flies in to talk peace. Look out for more back pedalling and bicycle wining, look out for Ramadhar et al protecting their few remaining positions of power…look out for total surrender to the UNC after 2 weeks of grandcharge that lead to no where.

It’s Monday folks, Mt D’or still vex about Atiba Duncan’s murder and Shoppin Toppin have to answer questions before her party for abusing the Govt credit card. The week now start…..the game of thrones continues!


De Vice Cyah Done!