Distract and Discredit

Ken GordonEver since the last Motion of No Confidence wherein Keith

Rowley revealed the possibility of an exchange of emails between 3 senior government officials and their favourite lap dog, Kamla’s Fete Match Side has been in Distract and Discredit Mode…..going at Full Dotish pace too.

The discovery that Rowley and chairman of the IC had a twenty-minute meeting at Gordon’s private home to discuss whether or not Emailgate was a matter before the IC has played itself nicely into the government’s hands as yet another tool to discredit the validity of the alleged e-mails; and now, to discredit the IC and perhaps avoid going the route of an independent investigation. And while they aren’t in the wrong to question the occurrence of the meeting, the irony of this government querying private meetings is too rich. And it’s so obvious that their tactic will now be to use this meeting to avoid what the public and Opposition has been clamouring for: an independent investigation.

It didn’t take the AG more than a hot minute after Roodal Moonilal’s announcement of the

The AG.....

The AG…..

meeting in Parliament – complete with side (and snide) comments from the PM egging him on – to imply that Chairman Ken Gordon was compromised. And if you have followed the fate of this Integrity Commission it is always mired in mud and controversy….from inception. The Government knows well that the country has little faith in it; and further that UNC supporters will use any excuse to blame and label anyone and anything as PNM…..and so, a private meeting about a public matter between the Opposition Leader and the chairman of the IC takes on a particularly questionable face.

rowleyYou would think that seasoned men and politicians like Rowley and Gordon would be incapable of what is obviously a very rookie move. You’d also think that Rowley, fully aware of how the last Prime Minister shot himself in the foot would avoid moves that so remind one of Patrick Manning for its abject carelessness. You would think too that Rowley by now would realise that because he is a very black Tobagonian (yes, I said it…there is a lot of colour prejudice involved here where Rowley is concerned) he is always held up to a different and much higher standard by both PNM supporters and the rest of the country.

It is unfortunate, but that is the truth of it.

Kamla announcing SoEYou would also think too that UNC supporters and Government ministers would have less to say about public meetings being kept in private homes when:

1. Cabinet Meetings are held in the Prime Ministers home regularly.

2. The last emergency meeting to determine what happened to a Government Minister and MP was held in the Prime Minister’s home.

3. The State of Emergency was announced from the PM’s private home.

4. Budgets announcements are made from UNC political rally stages

5. The Prime Minister – a public official – works from her home and keeps sensitive and important public material there.

For the last 3 years protocol and good sense have been tossed to the wind, and because there is no Constitutional law that prevents it, the Prime Minister has gotten away with administrative murder.

Mind you, Gordon and the IC ensured there was an aide memoire that recorded the meeting. I wonder if we ever get minutes of Kamla’s private Cabinet meetings?

The AG’s hounding of the Integrity Commission’s Chairman today will have an impact on Emailgate. Two days ago the AG announced rather loudly that he was recusing himself from Emailgate. He was handing over the investigation to the Central Authority, a body that falls  within his Office of the Attorney General and headed by Netram Kowlessar. The AG has pointed out that the Central Authority is independent. My concern now is how independent is Kowlessar: a man who first shot to public attention as a member of the Anti-Kidnapping Squad in 2002, thereafter became a defence attorney and after a handful of cases was appointed by this regime as the head of the Central Authority. I’m concerned. I hope in his case it was merit and not cronyism that got him the job.

Having now raised questions about the integrity of Ken Gordon and the independence of the Commission itself, I feel quite certain that any call for an independent investigation into Emailgate by an Integrity Commission will be shot down by the AG and his government using this meeting as the reason.

I continue to maintain that the only thing that will lay Emailgate to rest is an independent investigation that allows us to get at DIGITAL files……but in the meantime we do have a by-election in Chaguanas West to entertain and distract us, not so?


De Vice Cyah Done!


Acting With Integrity


kamla and jackThe Integrity in Public Life Act will turn 13 in November of this year. Most of us view the Act and the Integrity Commission as useless. The average citizen thinks the purpose of the IC is to find out the assets of persons functioning in public life and to publish an annual list of those public officials who have transgressed the law. Indeed, the Integrity Commission has done little to dispel that public perception of its duties.

The opening sentences of the Act states that the Commission’s purpose is to provide “for public disclosure, to regulate the conduct of persons exercising public functions; to preserve and promote the integrity of public officials and institutions…” What many of us don’t know is that the Integrity Commission has real teeth. Their duties don’t just stop at publishing a list of miscreants and submitting a report to the Senate every year. Their power reaches far beyond financial disclosure.

The folks over at the Integrity Commission can scrutinise any person in public life or exercising public functions. This includes the Prime Minister, the AG, Cabinet Ministers, Members of Parliament, members of state boards, and persons working in the Public Service, Judicial and Legal Service, Police Service, Teaching service, Statutory Authorities’ Service Commission, Diplomatic Service and Advisers to the Government.

If you re-read that list slowly and digest its importance you will realise that the Integrity Commission has oversight of the activities of so many sectors of our country that if the Commission was properly staffed and working efficiently it should, theoretically, be able to root out a lot of the corruption and inefficiency prevalent in our society.

Ken GordonFurther examination of the Act reveals that an investigation by the Integrity Commission could lead to more than just your name being published in the newspapers. There is a fine of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars attached to the offence of non-declaration of assets. As a person in public life, you also have to declare the assets and liabilities of your spouse and dependent children; and if you holding money or property in trust for another person you have to declare the trust, though not the specific details. Page 15 of the Integrity in Public Life Act has a long list of interests and must be declared. You have items such as contracts made with the state; companies or partnerships in which the person is an investor; beneficiary interest in any land; particulars relating to sources of income; and anything else that might cause conflict between private interests and public duties.

Are you wondering where I am going with this? Think Jack Warner, his spouse, their children, his assets and many affiliations that might be in conflict with his public life.

Mr Warner has been serving in public life since November 5th, 2007. His activities as a member of the Caribbean Football Union, Concacaf and FIFA are public knowledge. Since becoming a member of government in 2010 there have been allegations and speculations hovering over Warner. We have an Integrity Commission in Trinidad and Tobago that is at least a decade old. Why did it take a report from Concacaf to unearth information that Warner has been less than forthcoming about his business interests and financial transactions dating back from 2006?

Back in November 2012 there was a local newspaper report indicating Warner was the subject of a probe by the IC. Fixin TnT’s Kirk Waithe has been at the forefront of calls for Warner to be investigated based on discrepancies with public monies.  In his complaint to the IC, Waithe pointed out funds being transferred from the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation into private accounts, and the transfers were often in the range of millions of dollars.  Millions of dollars of public monies that we still await accountability on. And mind you, these discrepancies happened under a PNM regime; not UNC or PP. So we can’t even claim that it is Warner’s cronies who might be protecting him or smoothing the way.

When questioned about the nature of the probe, Martin Farrell, the Registrar of the IC, responded saying: “The Integrity Commission is not in a position to comment on your request. As you will appreciate, having regard to the nature of its mandate under the Integrity in Public Life Act, the Commission is required to treat with all matters with the utmost confidentiality.”

Fast forward now to April, 2013, in the aftermath of the report from Concacaf’s Integrity Committee and there is still a deafening silence from the various bodies and authorities here. The last we heard from the DPP on the matter of Warner, the police had been instructed to look into whether Warner had breached Customs and Excise laws. The probe by the AG into Warner seems to have stalled. And the Integrity Commission remains as enigmatic as ever. Saying little, but alluding to an ongoing probe that has thus far yielded little satisfaction to the public.

After reading the Concacaf Report you have to ask yourself what exactly is the problem with us here that we can have so many institutions and systems in place, and have them constantly fail us. Why is investigating Warner and making him answerable to the public so difficult? Why does an Integrity Commission, enacted with so much power on paper, often seem so weak? When exactly are these bodies responsible for public oversight actually going to start earning their keep? Or are we going to have to launch a probe not just into Warner, but into the integrity of our Commissions?

We spinning top in mud in this place….Full Dotish Mode!

100 Missteps in 2.5 years by Xavi Silva

I had to share this list with you guys. FB blogger Xavi Silva tagged me in this post and I thought maybe you’d want to take a read and add whatever you think is missing:

2 1/2 years 100 bad decisions here is our government:

1) Reshmi
2) Sasha
3) Jack multiple FIFA bribery scandals(Bin Hamman, TTFF, Haiti)
4) Vasant Cayanne
5) Farmers without crops
6) A RedBull Flugtag Plane for 900k to replace a blimp sold for 50k how? What? Why?
7) Diversification what how where?
8) SOE
9) Assassination Plot
10) NP friends and family contract
11) Anand proposing to monitor social media and emails
12) Raiding media houses for sources
13) Verna locking up Cheryl Miller
14) Seizing guns/drugs locking up nobody and saying we on top of crime!
15) Frequent flyer trips with no solid results
16) 20% voter turnout in local elections called a success!
17) 0% Economic growth for 3 years!
18) Jack the unlimited bank account!
19) Dismissing the Transparency International Corruption Report
20) Vetoing the head of the Financial Intelligence Unit(FIU)
21) 2.5 million for 3 farmers to cut the Airport grass(I in the wrong field who have a whacker?)
22) Anand and Kamla say SILK wrong but still wearing them own.
23) Gift wrapping oil for India
24) Alutrint board appointed something smelting bad.
25) How come race talk so prevalent now? It was ever so?
26) Paid bloggers sound off how the Blackberry wokking?
27) What going on with the probe on Ish, Steve and Jack AG? We ever hearing that again?
28) Wait Verna doin the Back Peddle dance and welcoming back Ms. Miller but I thought she commit her?
29) so 48 million barrels is the answer to we economic problems? Well Barbados 2.5 billion find will make them richer than Apple Corp then!
30) Why Anand eh lock up Caulder Hart yet? That is a nex probe up somebody eh hem!
31) Protests by TCL and Unions watch out for a SOE jus now
32) Sunway! Whichway? Caulder Hart Way $300 million quarrying contract thanks Kamla we always knew your “Hart” was good.
33) Ag Superintendent Bisnath Maharaj is the new SSA director that name sounding familiar hmmm.
34) Omar Khan resign cause he unqualified! Why this sounding familiar?
35) “I hired my sister with taxpayer dollars that’s good family values” say it frequently an wine!
36) Before elections: “I will never move into the PM’s residence” After elections: “Put the elevator from the HDC building in my bedroom”
38) Aye! How I could forget Sat! Anybody know if he still seeing pantylines? He still like black people?
39) COP members say they fed up of the poor governance an they not settling so! COP have a backbone then?
40) Somebody pay me TT$1.5 million to paint a small building nah gosh boy look how much people getting handouts.
41) Oil Sands/Highway Re-Route
42) All files on Jack, Ish an Steve stolen from the SIA
43) Giving India a stake hold in Petrotrin
44) Hiring workers from China to pick coconuts
45) New CONCACAF president slams Warner for financial impropriety
46) Dwayne Gibbs find no evidence against Warner so the DPP can’t prosecute that’s a shocker…
47) Reducing NIS pensioners to $1,000 per month and less in some cases.
48) The purposeful allowing of taxpayer dollars going to waste from assets e.g. The Brian Lara stadium and the 4 water taxi’s simply because it was a PNM one.
49) Jack National Security? How?
50) Why no consultation on the SEA curriculum change?

51) Jack has no authority to command the armed forces and police
52) Why were environmentalists consulted on the destruction of the turtles nest?
53) Why is the gov’t considering a Tar Sands Mine?
54) New Central Bank Governor was on India trip too hmmm guess he real “independent”
55) Property Tax on or off on or off?
56) T&T Embassy, Washington, DC
Veterinarian, turned diplomat, Dr. Neil Parsan, nephew of Local Government Minister Chandresh Sharma, has been using millions of dollars of taxpayers money to transform the Trinidad and Tobago Embassy in Washington to capture a piece of the “sunlit Caribbean.”
57) How much to renovate the US embassy here again??
58) Bobol at NLCB
59) Bobol at EMA Staff quitting and workers wearing red to protest!
60) New Traffic plan destroying business in St. James.
61) Four members of the Estate Management Business Development Company Ltd (EMBD) resigned from the board after raising concerns over transactions involving senior company officials.
62) Mt. Hope storing cancer patients tissue in water containers.
63) Why did Jack influence the firing of the COP and deputy COP?
64) How come exactly 50 to be released for our 50th Independence? 50 no more no less!
65) Flags that not really flags just modified 90 degrees.
66) Gov’t official under FIU probe ah wonder who hmmmm,
67) Sect. 34 sounds like a horror movie only worse.
68) The National Security helicopters is the new shopping car.
69) Shaq get $10 million to help crime go up!
70) Machel make more money that the T&T economy thanks Kamla!
71) Keshorngate everybody get even if yuh finish second to last. Oh wait Nijsane eh get nuttin.
72) Partap drunk nuff said…
73) Financial Action Task Force (FATF) reports suspicious activity in the amount of $500 million from Jan to Jun 2012
74) But wait crime back up I thought the SOE fix that? Where Steven Williams two crime plans? And Jack phantom one?
75) 21 workers responsible for the regularization of 4,500 cane farmers fired Food Production Minister Devant Maharaj denied such claimed. Unions have letters for all 21.
76) Wait we still giving out laptops to schools when the one laptop per child experiment proved no marked increase in test scores?
77) I feel iPads for all MP’s will fix all the nation problems.
78) Why the discrepancies in the auditor general report? http://www.auditorgeneral.gov.tt/documentlibrary/downloads/9/Vol%20%204%20-%20AG%20REPORT%202011.pdf
79) Jack new crime plan to outline how people dress…
80) How did we achieve developed country status in a negative economy again?
82) 50 criminals to be released coinciding with 50th Anniversary Independence.
83) Hubert Volney became the fall guy for Anand Ramlogan.
84) Pre-Budget Rally!
85) Post Budget Rally!
86) Attiba Phillips pay $1,335. to a taxi from his home to Mid Centre Mall in Chaguanas sample eh it have plenty more.
87) No drill in a major hospital that is all.
88) Jack Warner begins another job program in place of proper economic development ala color me orange, hoop of life.
89) The DPP states that that Section 34 “cannot stand on its own without absurdity” http://www.trinidadexpress.com/news/Breaking-News—Gaspard-Breaks-Silence-169487316.html
90) The AG, PM continue the rash of lawsuits in place of debating with the AG proudly compiling a list of those he has sued.
91) $1.3 billion requested for arbitration with BAE for the OPV’s
92) Reshmi! No wait Reshmi mommy and Anand Ramlogan creating a position of Clerk IV that does not exist.
93) The new tool to attack the opposition is race! Everybody saying they was racially discriminated even Jack say Rowley racial cause he focusing on Anand but Anand doing poor I think.
94) The Minister of Communications show his inferiority complex on paper writing claiming bias against reporters and finally the head of an independent news agency and oh yeah using racial slurs in referring to himself as a “Muslim Coolie”
95) The ink on the 2012/2013 budget still wet and the Ministry of Works done want to borrow $2.7 billion! Who say massive debt and IMF?!
96) Massive hirings an firings at our embassies overseas that bound to happen less attention http://www.trinidadexpress.com/news/_I_will_take_you_to_the_PM_-176132371.html
97) Paid bloggers being recruited the usual suspects all there slithering around.
98) The same NAMDEVCO that giving Reshmi mommy a fake position fire the whole board real bachannal Among them are irregular hiring practices that have landed five board members before the Integrity Commission.
99) How come people so silent about how FIFA stop funding Trinidad & Tobago? Must be how Jack Warner still interfering in FIFA business when that was the condition of his being fired/resigning(same difference) that he dont interfer?!! http://www.wired868.com/2012/10/06/warners-controversial-letter-to-sport-minister-anil-roberts/
100) After all the Section 34 bachannal Anand still ent remove serious fraud from the statute of limitations look at that.

…The Cupboard Was Bare!

It’s Cabinet Reconfiguration week, folks. And most, if not all of you, must know  the nursery rhyme Old Mother Hubbard!

Methinks a bare cabinet is what Kamla has been coping with these past few weeks (if not 2 years), because is the same rotting shelving board and rusty hinges she trying to move around to give the impression of a new look and freshness.

And that’s one of the sad things about our politics and governance. Look around you and notice that it’s often the same old, corrupt and dishonest geezers, or young party fanatics who are only too eager toe the party line, repeat drivel and assist in violating the country further.

Since Kamla’s announce that she was going to reconfigure her Cabinet…as opposed to reshuffle, because this PM likes new words for old things….the country has been rife with speculation about which ministers will be moved and who is likely to replace whom.

I want to be a little more pro-active than that and suggest my own changes:

National Insecurity is a big issue here. Everyone (except the govt) acknowledges that there are too many problems, serious crime is up, and People Resembling Sandy needs an anatomy lesson, because like he thinking with his elbow! Instead of setting a thief to catch a thief though….in other words, Making Jack Warner Minister of National Security….which is the most persistent rumour, Kamla should instead appoint the one thing that has been tripping up and stalling the criminal elements here and then some….yes, you got it…..STRAY BULLETS…..I endorsing Stray Bullet as Minister of National Insecurity.

The Ministry of Finance is another hotspot in Kamla’s Closet…ooops, Cabinet. Because our Minister of Finance might be the only person I know who could make a gyro cart, coconut vendor or doubles man go buss! It’s Fizzle, not fiscal policy with Dooks….so, my first choice for Min of Finance is Sauce Doubles, if he turn down the work because Curepe making more money than Dooks, then hire anyone of them “foreign nationals” on the Avenue!




I believe that our loud mouthed Attorney General, who can’t recognise a piano to save his life, but knows how to interfere with Integrity Commission enquiries should be replaced by the Consitution….plain and simple. Just rest it on the seat he used to occupy in Parliament. The Cover page alone more intelligent than Anand!


As for Sports, take yuh pick Kamla, a cricket bat, football or swimming pool will sound more coherent and sophisticated, and do more for Sport in this country than Anil could “talk” about in this lifetime. Plus all three objects know that drugs and sports don’t mix!!!!!!

You also need to move Suruj as Minister of Foreign Affairs and Information. Number one, no foreign or local person would have affairs with Suruj…number two Suruj is racist and is not a true reflection of our demography…in fact your entire Cabinet ignores the complexity of the country’s demography. But I think that is deliberate, because you endorsing the Indian Time Now policy….and that’s your prerogative, but at least get someone who understands how to conduct foreign affairs….pretty much any of the imported prostitutes from Latin America that (allegedly) know Ravi Ratiram name real good!

And for Information put Sat Maharaj…yes, you heard me. Since it going to be propaganda anyway, put somebody who will make me laugh. I want to hear Sat talk about who wearing and aint wearing underwear….it seems to be quite a fixation with him…first was the OJT underwear lines, then was Harry Harnarine’s. I want to listen to Sat talk about Indians here as if they are still citizens of the continent of India….and I want to watch the Indian community here continue to remain mum on the issue of Sat and your government and the tensions and misconceptions about our society your are intent on creating.

I can’t think of who could replace Chandresh Sharma in your closet, Kamla? Maybe we should give HD a turn? After all, he sing real soca tune about Hard Wuk…..and you done very practised at handing him cheques and holding his hands in public!

Any blank copy book you find can replace Grim Doopeesingh…..and any jackass not named Deviant could handle the Transport Ministry.


Is Friday Folks…and apparently International No Drawers (Panty) Day….how fortunate for the Cupboard Lady!


De Vice Cyar Done!

Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 23mts, 22dys: Pappy Shows and Fetes!

5 more days to the annual Eat Ah Food Fete at Rienzi and people still making up their mind if they should RSVP or not! While The Rani insisting that the Partnership “Stronger Than Ever!” Joseph Tony and David Abdullah not in the mood to parrrrtttyyy! And of course we boy Prakash aint going to miss an opportunity to be on his feet in front of a crowd paid to adore him, while they guzzle free food and drink…look out for his Baptist Minister impersonation. Tony, in trying to make Prakash’s adherence to camp Eat Ah Food look good trying to imply that Prakash might have something important to say at the Fete….in my experience, the only important things that does get said at fetes is Heh HAAAA! and Yeah Yeah! So, unless Prakash walking with HD and a Boddle of Rum, he have nothing important to say and the Eat Ah Food Fete is certainly not the venue!

PRakash has so squandered whatever good will he has with his party and this nation it not funny. Trust me Prakash, the only important thing you could have to say to this country cannot and shouldn’t be said on a Rienzi stage on May 24th. So the mere fact that you might be saying something important there at that time means, well, it not really important at all. A word to the wise…you getting little plump, watch how much of the UNC 2nds and 3rds you taking!

The next piece of mark that buss is that the issue of Vidwattie Newton’s role as travel assistant and unregistered nurse to the PM has gone before the Intergrity Commission. If I am not mistaken, this is the same Integrity Commission that the Prime Minister’s sister-in-law sits on, not so? So, is the PM’s sister-in-law going to recuse herself or remain and be a part of the entire process? Further, will Papa Ken Gordon, the chairman appointed by this government (and who, according to Devant has no common sense) be independent minded in his investigations? Is this investigation likely to be another Pappy Show on a grand scale? Is the box office selling tickets and pop corn? Coming soon to a tv near you folks, sit tight.

Then I see Harry Harnarine singing an aria at his Commission of Enquiry. According to Harnarine, the same man that answering questions for stealing and misallocating millions of Hindu Credit Union dollars, he and Mr Panday plotted the rise and fall of the COP at the 2007 elections. The story in today’s Express makes for riveting reading. Harnarine explains how he and former UNC Leader Panday lulled Dookeran into forming COP and then orchestrated the party’s loss at the 2007 elections. The COP’s Wikipedia page, apparently written by a founding member of the party gives a version that never mentions Harnarine’s name. The HCU building gets named though…so kudos to Harry. Now, Mr Harnarine, apart from being a perpertrator of fraud, a thug, a thief, a businessman, can add conspirator to his many lists of achievements. Look at that! Here’s a UNC member who doesn’t need to pad his resume to get a job!

There were two murders this week…but you won’t hear Kamla talk about that next week at the Eat Ah Food Fete. She’ll talk about 21st century policing, also known as police patrols in other sensible countries of the world. She’ll talk about the new anti-gang unit that has been set up, which used to be known as SAUTT under the PNM administration. But she won’t talk about how the figures are edging up steadily. She won’t talk about a daughter coming home from school to find her father tied up and dead in their family home, or a little boy of two being in his father’s arms while the Dad is shot dead! No, you don’t talk about those things when you wasting public money having a fete to celebrate 2 years of being in Government….not running a government….not practicing good governance…..just being in government…..this People’s Partnership aint beg it like to fete!

We have at least one piece of good news today. Cheryl Miller is back at work and suing the government for illegal detainment to the tune of TT$10m…..she deserves more than this, and I hope that she gets EVERY LAST CENT!


De Vice Cyah Done!

Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 23mts, 6dys: Rumours and Realities


Rumours of Prakash Ramadhar’s demise have been greatly exaggerated….but yes, the COP is dead! Long Live the Partnership!

The nation was hot with the rumour yesterday, since about midday, that the Rani call an emergency Cabinet meeting to fire COP leader Prakash. Local media fed and fuelled a rumour all the way into a full fledged story yesterday long before the PM ever gave a public statement. By 3pm, when I was becoming aware of the rumour Twitter and Facebook was already alive. By 6pm TV6 had tweeted Prakash’s firing as fact it seemed and CNC 3’s Sampson Nanton, on watch at the Diplomatic Centre, had all but confirmed it, then hours later had to tweet that it was confirmed that it was all a rumour. Yesterday evening made me pause and take stock of the media and its roll in fuelling  public speculation yesterday. Because by news time it became clear that while everyone had the rumour in hand, no one had a clue as to its root or veracity. It’s one thing to post comments and tweets about a possible rumour and quite another to post in so authoritative a manner as to make the rumour appear to be a confirmed story….yes Express, is you I fingering. Especially since you have become a repository for pre-action protocol letters in a rage from this government…..

But to me the real issue this week is not the weakness of the PPG….we all know they weak. For Kamla to tell the media she called an emergency cabinet meeting to plan for the year ahead is laughably weak….since there is no evidence that this government has ever had a plan beyond winning the elections, who would actually believe that they do any planning. It easier to believe that the PPG fete committee was meeting to discuss what colour balloons they using for May 24th…because you know we stronger than ever! Kamla’s only strategy for this term in office is to survive for 5 years intact. It is clear to me that her campaign speeches for 2015 will centre around “We Will Survive!”

Mark what I have said here often….Prakash and the COP aint going anywhere…..the eat ah food urge is strong….this man who talks about principles is the same man who supported Reshmi’s appointment as director of the SIA, the same man who lent his voice to the endorsement of the SoE, the same man who sits on a Cabinet that would have approved funding for Vidwattie Newton’s travel expenses……Principles FTW??????

The bigger stories this week are really the Auditor General’s report that I outlined in yesterday’s blog post, that shows abuse and misuse of state funds in at least 5 Ministries. The abuse is so bad that the Integrity Commission wants in on the action…..

The other really important story as well is this alleged probe or investigation into Calder Hart. The AG is yet to convince me that this latest announcement is anything but PR. Calder Hart remains thousands of miles away in the US, after having answered questions here 2 years ago under the Manning regime. Unless this the US extradites Hart (snicker snicker) and our Constitution has laws that make overspending , waste of public money, and mismanagement crimes….then Calder Hart (or the CLICO Board) going to have to be accountable to anyone for what happened at UDECOTT. Already members of the UDECOTT Board saying they were in the dark on decisions taken…doesn’t this remind you of CLICOGATE?????

Even Vernon de Lima, one of the men responsible for retrieving Sherrine Hart’s birthpaper from Malaysia, is unconvinced that Hart can be forced to come to Trinidad to answer questions….and while the Calder Hart Capers continue, with no visible end in sight, the public pocket still jumping up with loans for UDECOTT projects.

And now the latest story is that members of the construction community are alleging that not one recommendation from the UFF Commission has been put in place so tendering and procurement procedures on construction projects remain as dubious and prone to corruption as ever…..This is the type of Govt that Prakash and the COP continue to remain a part of and still want to talk about Principles in the Coudray affair…..


De Vice Cyah Done!

Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 23mts, 4dys: Wattiegating Circumstances!

Well WattieGate has officially gone clear….The Keith taking the PM before the Integrity Commission to answer questions about her sister the non-registered nurse and non-cabinet approved travel assistant. Stay tuned for the 4-year circus that enquiry going to be…and let’s see if the PM will still have other people answering her questions for her….because to date is Moonilal who answering all the Wattie questions in parliament. And while the PM facing some heat, Tranpsort Minister Devant Maharaj is sending pre-action protocol letters to Opposition Senator Fitzgerald Hinds. Is sue for sue these days…..don’t oppose this government or question any of their dubious behaviour because is pre-action protocol in yuh tail! Apparently Ronald Phillip, the EFCL Chairman was dismissed from a previous job over matters related to forgery…..yet this regime appointed him to chair a board……. Oh, and the latest MarleneGate heat is not between the COP and the UNC….is down in the mayorship offices self. Keep an eye on this folks, I think a palace coup brewing. Cascade residents have put themselves on lockdown over an increased incidence in robberies….when the 21st century Police were contacted their response, according to The Express was:senior police sources in the Port-of-Spain CID admitted that police had received reports of various house-breakings and robberies in the area. However, they claimed these areas in Cascade were not affected by crime more than any other community in and around Port-of-Spain. So residents of Cascade, you not that special, take your robberies in peace and know that you have company…..this police service serious as a heart attack!   De Vice Cyah Done!!!