The Myth of the Amazing Crime Plan

The new Top Cop? Photo Courtesy Trinidad Guardian website.

The new Top Cop? Photo Courtesy Trinidad Guardian website.

This Friday on the Trinidad Guardian’s front page, PSC Chairman Professor Ramesh Deosaran was quoted as saying the crime plans have failed. I didn’t even know we had a crime plan presented to us, far less multiple ones. What I do know is that since being appointed Minister of National Security, Jack Warner has announced the coming of a crime plan and even released a long list to the media of many crime initiatives that are under consideration. But to date, neither Warner nor the National Security Council has come forward and outlined for the country what will be the actual thrust to stem criminal activity in the country. And I mean all kinds of criminal activity: from corruption in public office, to the drug trade, to gang warfare to murders to robbery. Because you see, whether the government will be so bold as to admit it or not, everything is related.


On the Express’s front pageas well a severed head made the waves. The last time I saw a severed head on the front page of the newspaper it was in a whisky box at a cremation site and belonged to Thakoor Boodram, relative of convicted criminal kingpin Dole Chadee. Back then severed heads were a message; this week I wondered who exactly the message was being sent to and why. And while the nation gasped with shock over the severed head left in plain view of the public, with the body some miles away in a cane field, the town of Phillipine, the Prime Minister’s back yard, was rocked by the murder of a 70-year-old grandmother ostensibly for her car. Could that car have been stolen to commit a crime? Could the crime have been drug-related? Might gang members be the foot soldiers of the drug trade? And if they are the foot soldiers, then who are the middle managers and king-pins? Anyone seeing dots that might be connectable?


We are currently grappling with the possibility that our recently appointed Minister of National Security may have authorized an illegal police unit. Why is it every time Warner’s name is mentioned in the same sentence as the word Squad it leaves a bitter taste in our mouths?

The news papers claim to have documents sent to them. Contracts on NFSIU letterheads. There is evidence to show that newly-appointed director of the National Security Operations Centre (NSOC) Garvin Heerah gave the go-ahead for a fleet of vehicles to be released to the New Flying Squad Investigations Unit. As soon as Heerah started commenting on the Unit, he had to go to Argentina. And clearly internet and telephones don’t work in Latin America, so he can’t be reached for further comment.

Each news report or denial on the matter is carefully worded. Collin Partap, reports claim, was meant to oversee the unit; then got fired a month later for failing to take a breathalyzer test. Under his tenure the unit had no name. In the aftermath of his firing it assumed the name we now call it.

From Mervyn Cordner’s initial claim to the present, CoP Stephen Williams has been careful to say that HE, the Commissioner of Police, doesn’t know anything about the Unit. He never says the wider Police Service doesn’t know. After answering questions before the Police Service Commission last Thursday, a statement was issued that claimed they believed the Police Commissioner had no knowledge of the Unit. Not a person has yet denied the existence of the Unit or that Police know about the Unit. But everyone is denying knowledge of the Unit. And in a place like Trinidad and Tobago it is easy to believe that an entire illegal investigative unit would set itself up, get offices and other resources from the State, even liaise with members of the Ministry of National Security, and yet, the Ministry remains totally in the dark about the Unit.

This is Trinidad and Tobago, a country where an entire State of Emergency can be called without a plausible explanation. The same SoE will then be used as a crime fighting tool, target very specific neighbourhoods, arrest 8000 people without evidence, then release them; and at the end of it the country is still crime riddled and none the wiser as to the reason for the SoE.

Ish and Steve on Newday Front Page courtesy Newsday's Website

Ish and Steve on Newday Front Page courtesy Newsday’s Website

This is the type of country where the Cabinet can conspire secretly proclaim a law before the stipulated time and everyone points fingers at each other. This is a country where the Minister of National Security, a man with allegations of fraud and corruption hanging over his head, can calmly say to the country he is precepting soldiers and not a civil society body will make a sound. The same bodies that once howled for the heads of Howard Chin Lee and Martin Joseph, are now begging us to not blame Warner and give him a chance.

And if the story of this country not sweet enough, we suffered the exquisite irony this week of witnessing the Prime Minister deliver a speech to the region about crime fighting initiatives; quote unknown statistics about what crime is costing us; then return to Trinidad and announce boldly that her government is NOW ready to do something about the crime situation.

The same Prime Minister, who presided over the dismantling of SAUTT because it was illegal, now seems confused about the Flying Squad. So to make things better she has asked Minister Warner to investigate himself and report to her.

jakkam copy The same Prime Minister who cancelled the OPV contracts from BAE is now seeking to find new ways to protect the borders she left unguarded for 32 months. The same Prime Minister who called Manning a dictator is now endorsing soldiers having the same powers as the police. The army whose responsibility it is to protect citizens from external attack may now have the right to attack its citizens.

And Professor Deosaran thinks the crime plan has failed. I’ll ask again: what crime plan exactly?


The Leela of Jagdeo Warnersingh….Hari Om!

My dear devotees, today I have a very special story to tell you from the Hidden 5 Books of the Gita….yes. It is a tale of a warrior so mighty and so strong, that even religion bows to him!

It is the tale of Jagdeo Warnersingh.

The tale starts many years ago. He was born under a funny moon, so funny that it gave Warnersingh, who was clearly of the highest possible caste the darkest of skins and the curliest of hairs, even more curly than journalists, but, unlike the Biswas of Mohun, he did not have an unlucky sneeze….no instead the gods granted him the boon of a stutter. This stutter was so powerful that it fooled its listeners into thinking Jagdeo a fool, a buffoon, and so, his cleverness and cunning was sealed from the world for a long time.

Perhaps it first came to light in the form of plagiarism in an unfinished postgraduate degree. Perhaps it came to light when he, at  first a lowly teacher rose to great heights in the great court of the Fifa. Either way, Jagdeo Warnersingh moved from lowly teacher to Fifa Executive and in the year 1990 achieved his first great act of cunning! He fooled over 1 million people into believing that he was in support of national football. In the course of that feat, the gurus say Warnersingh rigged a football game and oversold a stadium and escaped with not so much as a rap on his clever little knuckles.

Ahhh my dear devotees, but in the years to come his tricks would get even more complicated. He would gain ever greater heights in the pantheon of Fifa, becoming a Vice President and being the right hand man of Titans such as Joao Havelange and Sepp Blatter. Yes, my dear devotees, so great is our dear Jagdeo Warnersingh that he straddles several mythologies and transcends even the hidden books of the Gita!

Warnersingh built further on these accomplishments by purchasing a political party with his earnings from Fifa, and it is here my dear devotees that the true Leela of Warnersingh really begins. You see, there were others in this Political Party who feared and hated the Warnersingh, because behind his stutter, deep in the recesses of his jaw he his files….yes FILES my dear devotees. The Warnersingh had information, cleverly hidden from his closest enemies about all of their questionable activities and in this Political Party that he purchased he thrived. His enemies believed that Warnersingh’s curly hair and dark skin would be his downfall….but my dear devotees they did not consider that the colour of his money would transcend the colour of his skin and so their evil wishes for Warnersingh were magically removed by the colour of the Benjamins! Another Titan from a different mythology!

Ah, my dear devotees, see how our beloved Jagdeo is blessed. Eventually Jagdeo began eyeing the highest seat in the land, but he was blocked from it by two demi-gods, both of high caste, the Panday and the Manning. Warnersingh then vowed to remove these two demi-gods from his path and looked for an instrument.

The instrument he found was as beautiful as he was not, and if he were Ram, she would be his Sita. Yes my dear devotees, Jagdeo Warnersingh found his Rani in Kamla and together they decided that they would crown each other. Kamla was eager for his financial support, and Jagdeo was eager for her voter base.

Together they made history, and then Jagdeo hit a dark period. The Titans of Fifa turned against him, our hero was left in the valley of the shadow of Suruj, and it seemed that he was on his last leg when an internal elections returned him to his strength and gradually the Rani, who seemed to have turned her back on him, remembered the powerful files in the back of his throat and put Jagdeo to serve her on a secret council of Security. Then, when she felt no one in the Kingdom would care, she elevated Jagdeo to be her right hand and keep the land secure!

So great the Warnersingh had once again become that he smashed all murtis and sacred spaces in his path to success and  Brahmin by Boat pundits with the surname Maharaj rushed to place malas around his neck and proclaim him the true warrior of Dharma!

But wait! Lo! Behold, Lawrence of Maharaj and The Keith are waiting in the wings my dear devotees….This Leela isn’t done!

…The Cupboard Was Bare!

It’s Cabinet Reconfiguration week, folks. And most, if not all of you, must know  the nursery rhyme Old Mother Hubbard!

Methinks a bare cabinet is what Kamla has been coping with these past few weeks (if not 2 years), because is the same rotting shelving board and rusty hinges she trying to move around to give the impression of a new look and freshness.

And that’s one of the sad things about our politics and governance. Look around you and notice that it’s often the same old, corrupt and dishonest geezers, or young party fanatics who are only too eager toe the party line, repeat drivel and assist in violating the country further.

Since Kamla’s announce that she was going to reconfigure her Cabinet…as opposed to reshuffle, because this PM likes new words for old things….the country has been rife with speculation about which ministers will be moved and who is likely to replace whom.

I want to be a little more pro-active than that and suggest my own changes:

National Insecurity is a big issue here. Everyone (except the govt) acknowledges that there are too many problems, serious crime is up, and People Resembling Sandy needs an anatomy lesson, because like he thinking with his elbow! Instead of setting a thief to catch a thief though….in other words, Making Jack Warner Minister of National Security….which is the most persistent rumour, Kamla should instead appoint the one thing that has been tripping up and stalling the criminal elements here and then some….yes, you got it…..STRAY BULLETS…..I endorsing Stray Bullet as Minister of National Insecurity.

The Ministry of Finance is another hotspot in Kamla’s Closet…ooops, Cabinet. Because our Minister of Finance might be the only person I know who could make a gyro cart, coconut vendor or doubles man go buss! It’s Fizzle, not fiscal policy with Dooks….so, my first choice for Min of Finance is Sauce Doubles, if he turn down the work because Curepe making more money than Dooks, then hire anyone of them “foreign nationals” on the Avenue!




I believe that our loud mouthed Attorney General, who can’t recognise a piano to save his life, but knows how to interfere with Integrity Commission enquiries should be replaced by the Consitution….plain and simple. Just rest it on the seat he used to occupy in Parliament. The Cover page alone more intelligent than Anand!


As for Sports, take yuh pick Kamla, a cricket bat, football or swimming pool will sound more coherent and sophisticated, and do more for Sport in this country than Anil could “talk” about in this lifetime. Plus all three objects know that drugs and sports don’t mix!!!!!!

You also need to move Suruj as Minister of Foreign Affairs and Information. Number one, no foreign or local person would have affairs with Suruj…number two Suruj is racist and is not a true reflection of our demography…in fact your entire Cabinet ignores the complexity of the country’s demography. But I think that is deliberate, because you endorsing the Indian Time Now policy….and that’s your prerogative, but at least get someone who understands how to conduct foreign affairs….pretty much any of the imported prostitutes from Latin America that (allegedly) know Ravi Ratiram name real good!

And for Information put Sat Maharaj…yes, you heard me. Since it going to be propaganda anyway, put somebody who will make me laugh. I want to hear Sat talk about who wearing and aint wearing underwear….it seems to be quite a fixation with him…first was the OJT underwear lines, then was Harry Harnarine’s. I want to listen to Sat talk about Indians here as if they are still citizens of the continent of India….and I want to watch the Indian community here continue to remain mum on the issue of Sat and your government and the tensions and misconceptions about our society your are intent on creating.

I can’t think of who could replace Chandresh Sharma in your closet, Kamla? Maybe we should give HD a turn? After all, he sing real soca tune about Hard Wuk…..and you done very practised at handing him cheques and holding his hands in public!

Any blank copy book you find can replace Grim Doopeesingh…..and any jackass not named Deviant could handle the Transport Ministry.


Is Friday Folks…and apparently International No Drawers (Panty) Day….how fortunate for the Cupboard Lady!


De Vice Cyar Done!

Eliminating the Evidence

And it came to pass on Monday last that Grim Doopeesingh was riding a Jackass on his way to Pt Cumana

when a darkness as potent as the Keith fell upon him.

Grim jumped off his Jackass and grandcharged in the darkness,

flailing his arms about in a threatening manner,

and in the stillness that accompanied the Darkness came a voice that said,

“Verily, Verily, I say unto thee, stop thine foolishness and boileth down like a pot of Bhagee.”

Grim trembled with fear, looked at the voting population,

fell to his knees, begged forgiveness and said “I am yours to command.”
The Pantomime saw this and thought it was good.

This is the word of the Pantomime!
If you google TTPS Crime Stats up to a day ago you would get to the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service’s web page that shows the number of crimes to date in their relevant categories. It is this web page that would have provided journalist Kevin Baldeosingh with figures to refute the claims made by ACP MErvyn Richardson that “Crime is down.” Go and google the same phrase now and there is no sign of the crime statistics…..Information manipulation folks. Without information at our fingertips we can’t think for ourselves….we have to rely on the bodies in charge to think for us. So when in future Richardson say, “Crime is Down” ignore the fact that retirees being hog tied and beaten while their sons being murdered, because how can we refute Richardson’s claim when he alone has access to the figures?

It’s dangerous business when state authorities decide to manipulate facts and figures in this way. We already have a government that lies to us. As recently as this week we had Devant Maharaj claiming that three vessels were being sold for scrap and then the Director of the Water taxi service contradicted him on national television in his presence and said, no, in fact, at least one vessel going to be refurbished and sold further up the Caribbean to function as a…wait for it….wait for it….WATER TAXI!!!!!

There’s a reason folks call him Deviant. He is a cunning one, that man. Just last evening we saw precisely what hiring family members with “common sense” as the only qualification will do for us. Rabindra “Prado” Moonan announced at  CAL’s launch of the start of their London route that CAL will never again give up the London route…..Deviant gets up right after and states that he will be keeping an eye on the route and if it isn’t profitable they will cut it. Two things become immediately apparent: these people don’t do their research, nor do they consult with each other. So, cash strapped CAL didn’t do a feasibility study on this route before launching it to know if it will be profitable or not? They launch the route first and then going to “see” if it profitable? And further, you and Rabindra aint consult with each other on what you planned to say? So basically the national airline being run worse than a parlour by these two fools and we mustn’t criticise.

I see Louis putting some pressure on Coconut Vendors, now my first response to this was, “Louis on he shit again”. But now, I am not so sure. Coconuts, I am advised, go for about $10 a nut now in Port of Spain, it’s a vending item with virtually no overhead on the production end of thing (no fertilising, watering etc) basically you plant, wait, harvest and sell. These carts occupy some of the best locations in town and vend for free????? You think any of those coconut vendors actually pay income tax, NIS and Health surcharge? I doubt, and yet they enjoy some of the best real estate the city has to offer rent-free…..and after 7 coconuts done cover their rent? Look, Louis, see if you could charge rent across the board, oui! That is the one recommendation I have at this stage.

Of course the talk on most people’s lips today will be Sat’s testimony at the HCU CoE wherein he accused Harry Harnarine of putting out a hit on him…Sat’s exact wrods were that Harry paid someone to “eliminate” him….like a bowel movement? A shat? And what pissed Sat off was that when he went to the Police and reported the death threats they told him that upon investigating the report it was determined to be a low level of threat. I listened to this and felt sorry for Sat….people don’t even hate him enough to want to kill him…and for all his public huffing and puffing even the police unmoved by his plight. But the most telling moment during Sat’ testimony came from comments he made that had nothing to do with HCU, and everything to do with curry and identity. Responding to some goad from the insolent Farid Scoon, Sat boasted saying,  if you go now to London curry is the preferred food in London. “We have taken over London.”
When asked if he meant Trinis when he said “we”  he stuttered before replying, “the conquered peoples”. Imagine after being born here, living here, growing here, eating ah food here Sat’s identity still grounded elsewhere!


Is Friday people….and we still here!

De Vice Cyah Done!

In a Real Slump!

I want you to pay attention to a few things. The turn over of new missteps by the PP has slowed down, and what we have now is a case of the same missteps further compounding themselves and becoming large and bloated issues.

These are the issues that are going to be used to do battle against them come the THA Elections, the next Local Elections and of course the next General Elections…whenever that will be. I’m no longer saying 2015 because the political environment seems volatile. While the Panchayat still has a pretty sound support base that flood the the online blogging sites and  newspaper, radio and television comment boards; there is now a growing voice of dissent as well. The people who were always pro-PNM are openly gloating now, “Ent all yuh vote for that? Well take change in all yuh pweffen!” And many of the PP supporters who made the switch to the Bigger, Better Party are now bawling that this isn’t the change they voted for. For many who remember being upset by nepotism, corruption, squandermania and an autocratic leadership style under Patrick Manning’s version of the PNM, Kamla’s tenure thus far seems like a case of exchange….we went from Patrick Manning….to Patrick Manning in drag.
The PNM die-hards have even gone so far as to insist that Manning’s term in office wasn’t “so bad”…and this is where it get’s scary for me. Because when your governance is so bad that Manning starts looking like a good leader know that we in shit!

Our education, health and environmental policies are no better now than they were under Manning. The education system is outdated and failing the nation’s children. Our health care system is in a mess….and as for Environmental policies? What Environmental policies? It still easier for a man to start a quarry in Trinidad than to start a farm!

The majority of the population here is so caught up with just surviving…finding ah food to eat, that the larger issues like what kind of quality of life they want and what kind of governance and leadership they should agitate for escape them completely.

For the mother who needs money to look after her family, does it matter if Dookeran has no real fiscal policies or if Kamla will giver her a handout that will help make ends meet?

And this is the problem right here for me….previous administrations have ensured that the majority of the population remains dependent on a system so shitty that it is demeaning. So, issues like nepotism, corruption, bad fiscal policies, squandermania etc mean nothing once the masses could eat ah food.

In the last 2 weeks there has been a web of lies developing around several crucial issues.

In 2010 the PP campaigned and said that the PNM had squandered so much money there was virtually none in the treasury. Dookeran promised as Minister of Finance he was going to steady the country fiscally, after 8 years of PNM mismanagement, and put us back on track. From Budget 2010, to Budget 2011/12 we have had increasingly larger budgets, and larger deficits. Further, no budget has followed through on the campaign promise of diversification of the economy away from fuel. If anything, Kamla seems to lean heavier on the fuel economy. The other thing that I have noticed about the budgets is that the last three have been focused on spending money on social programmes like increased pensions (which they took back) and CEPEP. What I want you to bear in mind is that the same kind of spending that Kamla et al complained about under the PNM (CEPEP, HYPE, MUST), all the various make-work programmes, is precisely what she is now copying….and further, her same supporters who complained bitterly that “money wasting in make-work programmes” are now saying on the same walls and blogs where they once complained…that CEPEP is a good thing!

I have to smile. CEPEP was once so demonised. It was a programme that UNC supporters complained harboured criminals, encouraged laziness in blacks (we all know about the 10-days mentality), indeed, many critics of CEPEP and other make-work programmes often complained that Manning and the PNM generally used it to create a dependency syndrome in their voter base…, then, tell me how Kamla’s use of CEPEP and Colour Me Orange is any different? Is it that Kamla’s supporters like hand-outs too and like to work as little as possible for a regular wage? My goodness….might we have been wrong about the ethnic-stereotyping we ascribed to CEPEP??????

What is frighteningly clear is that this government has no long term goals for turning the country’s economy around. The 2011 budget has seen government come back to Parliament not once, but twice in 2012 to ask for more money….more money from a treasury they claimed was empty. If they’ve asked us twice this year for money to manage last year’s budget…what going to happen in September 2012? Our next budget is about 3 months away and the steady economy and blue skies Dookeran promised us are nowhere to be seen. In fact, he has spent the last two weeks trying to convince us…and himself, that we aren’t in a slump. Central Bank Governor Ewart Williams quoted figures and said the economy was in a slump…Winston Dookeran using the same figures said the economy wasn’t….so who should we believe? Dookeran is a politician in a party that fighting for dear life right now because they have riled up the labour force and pensioners.

We are now three years into the PP’s governance and the economy they claimed was left in shambles is even worse off.

The pension issue is another case of lies and half truths flying all over the place after yet another shady promised. In 2010, while in one breath saying Manning had squandered money and left the treasury empty,  Kamla again promised on her election campaign that all pensioners over 60 years of age, regardless of whether they were receiving a pension elsewhere, would be entitled to a pension of $3000. Kamla made a big deal of it, because it was meant to show how much her government cared. After winning the election the PP government sought to distance itself from the pension promise. And by 2012 the talk had changed entirely with the government insisting that the senior citizens pension would now be reliant upon their NIS contributions. So, now, we have a situation where at least 15,000 pensioners are now receiving $1000 less than they were receiving at their last check, because Kamla didn’t keep the promise made. Yet Glen Ramadharsingh in television and radio interviews keeps insisting that pensioners aren’t getting a cent less than before….so who should I believe? A politician with a shady past….or the pensioners who can show you on their checks where there is a reduction in income?

The last issue I’ll tackle today….and trust me there is more, there always is with this government….is the investigation into Jack Warner.

Last year the Attorney General, following the leaking of a tape in which it is alleged Jack Warner bribed a room of Concacaf officials, launched a probe into MP Warner 2-3 weeks ago the the Police Service Commission (why them???) sent out a press release saying that CoP Gibbs had been advised by the DPP that Warner was cleared. Jack was jubilant….claimed he felt vindicated. Then 24 hours later we would find out that the investigation was done in a half-assed way, the DPP never cleared Jack, in fact he indicated in his report that the evidence was thin….aka half assed investigation, and that the police service should look into whether Warner had broken Customs and Excise laws….to date not a word on that issue. Inspector Totaram Dookie seems not to have explored that avenue in his thorough investigation….and this morning we have the AG, who launched the probe into Warner, jumping in to weigh on the issue and say that Warner is in the clear….pre-mature doesn’t begin to describe his actions….as well as immature and unprofessional. But, then again, this is the same AG who can’t find another charge to lay on Calder Hart apart from perjury….To date the only real investigation into the Jack Warner bribery scandal is on, but Lasana Liburd can’t lay charges….the police have to….and now that Mr Warner sits on the same National Security Council as the Commissioner of Police and the Minister of National Security I doubt any investigation on him going to make serious headway.

Oh, and as an aside, the Minister of Buffoonery…Queen Kamla’s Court Jester Rood Boi Moonilal is at it again….he whips out a document in parliament and misleads the public into thinking it might have been linked to Patrick Manning, when it was really another Patrick…..if it’s one thing that has turned me off this PP Government entirely is their penchant for lying….brazen lying and vulgar behaviour….that seems to be their hall mark.

De Vice Cyah Done!

Crimeclusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 21mts, 25dys: Poachers’ Rights!

San Fernando Mayor MArlene Coudray...did the UNC hunt her down? Photo courtesy Trinidad Guardian website.



Well yesterday we thought the Red Howler monkeys was the endangered specie of the day….but is apparently COP members.

Marlene Coudray ups and leave the COP in one breath, and join the UNC and end up as a candidate in their internal elections in the next breath….easy easy so….and without so much as a bye your leave to her political leader…after all she is a big woman!

Chairman of of the COP, Joseph Toney vex to buss and he warning the UNC don’t poach, or else the People’s Panchayat go mash up!  We go believe that when it come out Prakash mouth….you know how you boy fraid to lose he seat in Parliament! And to add insult to injury Roodal Moonilal reminded the COP that their party started off by poaching its members and the UNC has room for all!  And in all of this Marlene Coudray cool, cool. How the saying does go again??? Tief from Tief does make God Laugh!

Anybody keeping an eye on CAL? Apparently the company owe the Treasury real $$$$$$ in aviation fuel….how come nobody aint pulling up on them?

Gypsy well boof up constituents in Mayaro last night when he and them clash over bad roads. If you missed his meltdown on the news last night check it out here.

Well ah hear Shoppin Toppin had to apologise after Fuad Khan issue he apology and further to that she credit card get cancelled.

Ms Toppin, I want you to resign! Your apology for abuse of public funds is inadequate and late!

Further to that, I do believe you are lying when you say you were unaware of how the card was supposed to be used. In fact, every time you open your mouth about the card your lies become larger and larger.

The smart and honourable thing to do is step down….we don’t want dishonest and arrogant public officers like you!

TCL strike beginning to get very disturbing, when is not Maxi getting stoned, and Mayo residents’ water source being interfered with is homes getting firebombed. Is one thing to strike for better pay, but why so things have to get to violent? Roget, what is your position on this?

Speaking of fiery protests, Penal residents still vex with Kamla. And they have vowed to keep protesting until the Prime Minister, who is also their MP, meets with them because they are fed up of her empty promises…..imagine that…Kamla does make empty promises….you don’t say!

The upcoming Law Association elections looking stickier and stickier every week. Now their Head administrator resigned and Seetahal says no-comment. Keep an eye on this election folks…it might be more crucial than the UNC internals!

The Integrity Commission Tribunal anxious to probe the matter of Gladys de Badiss. Long time my favourite stalwart aint make the news! And it look like the Judge for Gladys case might have to recuse himself too….just now we will run out of people who could question Gladys!

In more news about people who don’t work and drawing big salary…, not the PM, I talking about The Hot shot Top Cop, Gibbs. The Commish is reported as saying there is tension between him and the PSC. Maybe because he got a negative performance appraisal…I wonder what Gibbs woulda say if he got a good appraisal…and what he think he really accomplish in the last 21months and 25days? And where the Crime Plan??????


ah boy….between credit card fraud, poaching each others party members, and non-performance by this government De Vice Cyah Done!

Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 21mts, 12dys: Vernella the Top Shopper!

Well the Pantomime get up this morning thinking Louis the Umpteenth was going to be she biggest story and realise the Shoppin Toppin hit Louis Leak King out the park!

Imagine my shock and wonder when I hear Tony and Dale read out Vernella Toppin’s Govt Credit card statement on the radio this morning and realise that Vernella the Top Shopper swiping card and withdrawing from ATMs to the tune of $68,048.38 by December 2011.
The card limit is $63,000.00….so Shoppin Toppin in overdraft and the way that credit card getting used all over Trinidad and Tobago I wondering if is Vernella alone using the card?

If this card is only for overseas use, why is Toppin shoppin so muuch locally? And considering that MPs have a vote for entertainment and expense…what exactly is Toppin using all that money for? Is it Toppin alone using the $$$?

Leader of Govt business Roodal Moonilal: Thinks its no big deal Alleyne-Toppin has been using the credit card locally.

And let we discuss Roodimonster a little bit. When The Keith announced Toppin’s spending habits in Parliament Roodal Moonilal jumped to his feet and scoffed at The Keith, ridiculed him, because as far as he and the People’s Panchayat concerned, “What’s the big deal?” and “She pay it back already!”. Well Roodal, the point that you might be missing is that what Shoppin Toppin doing is wrong….not immoral…but illegal. If the rules for the card states that it’s use is restricted to international travel then you have a government MP who is wilfully and knowledgeably breaking laws and a Govt that is supporting it. In short, the Kamla Persad-Bissessar Govt is supporting corrupt and illegal behaviour. This is the type of governance that Prakash Ramadhar, David Abdullah, Ashworth Jack and Makandal Daaga are in support of!  A govt that abuses its privileges and when it’s pointed out it lies, denies and justifies to the population…..I expect that the defence will be the PNM do it, so we could do it too! Ent Kamla? Ent Roody? Ent Prakash?

The Commish under more heat for this Crop Duster plane. Everyday the Gibbs saga gets thicker and juicier and you cyah hear a word from the AG, ppl resembling Sandy or the PM…you swear Gibbs hire heself and land here! Now Gibbs on the verge of legal action over the toy plane he rent. And now even the US Embassy involved as they conducting their own probe in Daniel Condon, the man who help negotiate the deal between TT Air Support Company and Gibbs. Now folks, remember weeks ago when this mark buss the AG said that Gibbs was well within his right to sign off on a plane rental for $.9m and this week we find out is only $100,000 Gibbs could spend without asking permission. What really going on in this place? How so many people in high positions in govt flouting and abusing rules, positions and power so? Is it any wonder that we rank so poorly on Transparency International?

Internationally the perception is that we are corrupt and apathetic about fraud. And it starts at the top! Does the govt even care?

The Emperor Mayor has been granted a stay of execution...

And it is for all these reasons that Louis the Leak King cyah even make the top of the news!
Imagine big meeting went down in the Balisier House yesterday to decide whether Emperor Mayor Louis the Umpteenth should remain as Mayor!
After Louis score that magnificent own goal last week, he get a No-Confidence Motion in he pweffen this week and The Keith give Louis a lesson in how to deal with dissent… sit and have a meeting…….
Now Louis looking like a jester and The Keith is the benevolent leader.

But the Pantomime is grateful that the mayor has received a stay of execution, because now the blog can remain non-partisan. Thanks Louis, yuh take ah hit for the team!

Enquiring minds want to know what the final deal was though?

What yuh bargain?
2 Mercedes annually for the PNM Raffle and free radio ads until elections 2015?
Whisper in yuh gyul ears nah?
I wanna know….

The Rani is out on CHOGM business so Errol the Highlander McLeod is the Laird for a few days.
Keep your eyes open folks.

PTSC striking, Communication Workers striking, TCL striking. Police on the hunt for inspection stickers……the town hot!

De Vice Cyah Done!