Mad Men with Big Stones

Master and Commander Far  Side of the Ocean: Dr/Mr Hafizool Mohammed

Master and Commander Far Side of the Ocean: Dr/Mr Hafizool Mohammed

I chuckled when I heard about a man stoning the Parliament. I wasn’t the only one. And that should disturb us. Why? Not because I am likely to stone the Parliament myself; but because the idea of stoning this current Parliament elicits not outrage or concern from portions of the citizenry, but rather a tacit understanding of what could lead a man – mentally disturbed or not – to dry dry so pick up two stone and pelt the Parliament.

On a daily basis the country is protesting in small ways and big. The two largest protests we’ve had so far were the Section 34 march and the THA 12-Zero smack down. Trinbagonians of all levels of sanity are letting this government know that they are sick, tired and fed-up. Yet the government seems not to care. Is full steam ahead in Full Dotish mode!

Dr Indira Rampersad whose go to analysis these days for PP incompetence is race!

Dr Indira Rampersad whose go to analysis these days for PP incompetence is race!

You have Warner and Ramlogan blaming their losses not on incompetence, but race. You’ve got supporters of the government, like Indira Rampersad and Sat Maharaj propping up their incompetent and failed leaders by echoing the same race diatribes; and then you have supporters of Rampersad and Maharaj telling you to your face, don’t take them on when they talk race, you know how they stop? Well, actually, I don’t know how they stop. But I wish they would stop. I wish too that members of the Maha Sabha community would stop pretending that their leader isn’t talking race. Because the more silent you remain, the more it sounds like consent to me. Just saying…

I also wonder how Indira Rampersad, as a political analyst, can be taken seriously at her day job any time soon after that succinct piece of analysis two Monday’s ago; and whether the goodly doctor is still credible enough to teach courses in politics let alone grade examination scripts.

But Rampersad’s credibility issues paled in comparison to this week’s misstep. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Mr/Dr Hafizool Mohammed, Master and Commander, Far Side of the World. If you haven’t read his CV in Friday’s Trinidad Guardian, please find a copy now and avail yourselves. He’d make a killing on Kindle.

Here we have a gentleman whose resume seems more padded than a marginal seat ballot box. Mr Mohammed’s referrals are impeccable: one is dead; the other simply does not exist. His time at an American Military Academy is so flawless; there are no records of his presence. His work for NATO and the Pentagon so top secret that there is no proof. Why didn’t Her Majesty’s Secret Service not hire him instead of Daniel Craig?

Reshmi-Ramnarine-and-Tim-GopeesinghAnd this man of action is also an intellectual. A doctoral degree from an online, unaccredited University, and a thesis that quotes Wikipedia and Islamopedia liberally without even citing them as sources.

And you know the scary thing? This is typical, par for the course behaviour of the People’s Partnership. I remember John Sandy and Prakash Ramadhar in late 2010 heartily endorsing Reshmi Ramnarine’s appointment as SIA Director. When the Opposition did its job and opposed the appointment there was loud criticism. The accusation was Ms Ramnarine was being opposed for the job because she was a young, Indian woman. No government has proven to be more adept at waving the race card than this one. At every misstep and criticism they have raised the issue of race and been barely taken to task for it. The whole country fighting them down and jealous them based on ethnicity, not incompetence.

Within days of Sandy and Ramadhar’s endorsement we would learn that Ramnarine’s CV was doctored. She had no degree from UWI, she was in fact grossly underqualified for her job. Ms Ramnarine resigned and now lives and works under a new identity.

Omar Khan

Omar Khan

By June 2011, Omar Khan, who had been appointed as Chairman of T&TEC, was also under the microscope for doctored credentials. It appeared that Khan’s first degree in engineering from UWI and his MBA from the Arthur Lok Jack School were both false and he had acquired his engineering qualifications through a correspondence course. And in much the same way Khan wrote his way to an engineering degree; he wrote to tender his resignation, listing personal responsibilities as his reason.

In July of that same year website asked the question “Is ‘Dr’ Suruj Rambachan suruj in orange shirtReally a Quack?” raising issues about the credibility of the doctorate which Minister of Foreign Affairs Suruj Rambachan had acquired from an unaccredited university in Hawaii.

You don’t need to be an ace detective to start seeing the trend of falsified resumes, unaccredited universities, fake degrees, high paying jobs and friends and family of the People’s Partnership. New Politics!

Not me nah, I only meet the man one inno!

Not me nah, I only meet the man one inno!

In the case of every person I’ve named thus far their applications and credentials would have been vetted not by one, but several persons. Using Mr/Dr Mohammed, Master and Commander Far Side of the Ocean as an example: Winston Dookeran would have recommended him, then both the AG and the Prime Minister would have looked at his application and qualifications; then they would have sent on the name to the President. In short, neither Dookeran, Ramlogan, Persad-Bissessar nor the President (either Richards or Hamel-Smith) ever bothered to run a simple background check on Mohammed’s credentials. Or, maybe they were depending on the media and the citizenry to never ask or search and thereby get away with giving an unsuitable person a job he isn’t qualified for. It makes you wonder how many more unqualified hacks we have sitting in positions they have no qualifications for and will they too be unearthed.

It also makes you wonder about Presidential nominees and their qualifications. Two weeks away from nomination day and at the height of Carnival fever in the country neither the PP nor the PNM have announced their candidates. If Section 34’s proclamation is anything to go by, the Cabinet might use Machel Monday as a convenient time to hood wink the population. In fact, given that Budget 2013 was presented to us on a stage in the midst of a fete in Mid-Centre Mall, why not announce the Presidential nominee the same way. It would be in keeping with the style of governance of this lot.

And when you think about how this government operates, is almost as if they pelting big stone at the country for the last 32 months straight. So then, technically speaking, that homeless man last week was probably just practising self-defence.

We in Full Dotish Mode…Chupke Chupke!


34 Shades of Screwed

Ish and Steve on Newday Front Page courtesy Newsday’s Website


I woke up this morning heart sick beyond belief over the fiasco that is Section 34 of the Indictable Offences Act.

After reading Clarence Rambharat’s legal opinion on Section 34 of the Act and how it has been used as a legal loophole to free Ishwar Galbaransingh and Steve Ferguson, I had to pause and have a good think.

I feel as if we are on the verge of collapse because what this government has shown us today is that they will rape the constitution of Trinidad and Tobago into oblivion to serve the needs and interests of its friends.

The issue of financing of political parties is thrown into full relief now because everyone should know that Ish and Steve are financiers of the UNC…they have also financed other political parties in the past, like the PNM, but they came into the spotlight in the late 90s as financiers of the UNC who managed to pour more than a billion dollars of the country’s money into their pockets under the guise of building an international airport.

It is pretty well known that Ish and Steve have been facing corruption charges. 

In Trinidad and Tobago most people don’t take corruption and fraud crimes seriously, least of all our government and legal system…but the enormity of Ish and Steve’s theft has most of the nation up in arms for over a decade. Today, 2.5 years of cunning, conniving and corruption came to a head as we saw the hard work of Hubery Volney, Minister of Justice; Prakash Ramadhar, Minister of Legal Affairs; and Anand Ramlogan, attorney general come to fruition.

Under the previous regime the team that was prosecuting Ish and Steve won every step of the case against them until Anand Ramlogan became AG and changed the team of prosectors at the 11th hour and miraculously Ish and Steve won their case against being extradited to the US and the AG assured us that they would receive a fair and speedy trial here. The US wasn’t thrilled. They wanted Ish and Steve’s heads too and were being denied. Ish and Steve walked free in the midst of the government sponsored State of Emergency. Now, in the midst of Independence celebrations for our 50th Anniversary the Govt tried to slip a new law out whereby a sub-section provided the loophole for Steve and Ish to petition the judicial system to have all charges against them be dropped.

The rub is that it is a piece of legislation that was agreed on collectively by both the lower and upper houses. Senators and MPs: Government, Opposition and Independent all saw the need to get rid of preliminary hearings. Section 34 caused concerns, Colm Imbert had raised them in the Parliament and according to both him and The Keith in this morning’s press conference the government assured them that 1). The law would apply from when person’s were found guilty and 2). The Law wouldn’t be proclaimed until all systems and measures were put in place: so in short it wasn’t meant to be proclaimed any time soon.

So while people were at separate Flag Raising Ceremonies on the night of August 30th, Kamla was getting Max (a complete dud in my opinion) to proclaim 5 sections of the Bill and thus enacting parts of the law. A part of the law that if Denyse Renne of the Guardian hadn’t reported on, Ish and Steve could have quietly had their cases thrown out and walked free.

Parliament is convening tomorrow to  repeal Section 34 after The Keith breathed fire and brimstone this morning and the US Embassy issued a veiled threat in a press release.

There is, however, no confirmation yet that Ish and Steve won’t walk free…you see, they petitioned when Section 34 was part of a law….repealing Section 34 tomorrow may have no impact on Steve and Ish at all….and so, they may still walk away as free men….and then it remains to be seen what the US will do.
In the meantime Kamla, Prakash, Volney and Anand have shown us just how nasty and insidious they are. They have shown us that a Government they will screw the entire nation over for their clique of friends and family.

It has become sickening the filth that they pass off as governance on a daily basis….and their supporters lap it up and regurgitate it for us. Whether or not Section 34 is repealed tomorrow it is TIME FOR THIS GOVERNMENT TO GO!

But lookout….by Friday we could be hearing that Steve, Ish and HD walking off into the sunset free as birds!



Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 22mts, 11 dys:

Minister Verna St Rose Greaves, stands next to Minister Devant Maharaj (front row) on the day they were sworn in as Ministers. One wonders if they remember their oaths. Photo courtesy President of T&T's website.



Folks, remember how the country was up in arms over Reshmi being appointed as head of the SIA because she was pretty much  unqualified for the job?

Well from what I hear on news last night, hiring underqualified people becoming a trend with this government. I am advised that transport Minister Devant Maharaj has hired a former security guard, who barely has a diploma in civil aviation to be the Operations Manager at the airport, while other more qualified people with degrees and Masters in the area have been ignored for the post.

Last night an online comment on the matter went like this…”But all this time I went to school and spend money to study when all I needed to do was be born a Hindu”.
It getting worse folks and it smelling bad. The nepotism and cronyism in this government beyond rampant now. While most Trinis  accept that with each change of government there will be some level of “troughing it” and feeding and eating ah food will take place, it has become far too wide spread and vulgar with this government.

After reading Clarence Rambharat’s article about the issue of ethnic composition of state boards, I wondered again, where is the new politics that was promised? And how much longer can this situation last?

If friendships and blood ties are what determine job appointments at state bodies, then do we really have competent people running any aspect of our country currently?

A radio report yesterday said Prakash Ramadhar is now out of the country, so I imagine the talks have been postponed. And lemme tell you now how this going to go. The “TALKS” ended since Monday….Prakash done accept he terms….but he will disappear, then a red herring issue will be waved at the public….and then quiet quiet you will realise that there are no more talks, the COP back in Parliament normal normal and everyone acting like the rift never took place. Marlene might be made a senator, Seepersad-Bachan might lose her portfolio and lo and behold, Marlene become a Minister…or Senate Vice President. Either which way, the situation has been quietly resolved and they giving all yuh time to develop amnesia on it. You know Trini memory short.

I hear East Port of Spain….or is it South East Port of Spain….threatening to march on the city because the make work programmes stop…hmmmm we might have a Colour Me ORange Revolution????? Or maybe is grand charge to frighten the PM into creating more work for them.

The latest Pantygate update is that Sita no longer wants her transfer, and a judge has ordered the TSC to hold it.

The Minister of Feelings, Verna St Rose Greaves, is expressing sorrow over the forced commitment of one of her employees into the St Ann’s Mental Facility. Now according to the Mental Health Act
these are the reasons for admitting a person, and the conditions under which an “urgent admission” can take place:

Every person who is or is reasonably believed to be in
need of such treatment as is provided in a psychiatric hospital may
be admitted thereto—
(a) as an urgent admission patient;
(b) as a voluntary patient;
(c) as a medically recommended patient;
(d) by an order of the Court made pursuant to
section 13;
(e) by an order of the Minister of National Security
made pursuant to section 14; or
(f) on the application of a Mental Health Officer
under section 15.

7. (1) The Psychiatric Hospital Director or a duly authorised
medical officer may, subject to subsection (3), admit to a hospital
as an urgent admission patient any person in respect of whom an
application is made.
(2) An application under subsection (l)—
(a) may be made by any person who alleges that
the person in respect of whom the application is
made is mentally ill and, in the interest of his
health and for the safety and protection of
others, or either of them, ought to be detained in
a hospital; and
(b) shall be accompanied by a certificate of a medical
practitioner other than the duly authorised
medical officer responsible for the admission
of the person.

Now, if we went by what the Act says, it means that whoever in the Ministry alleged that Ms Miller was mentally ill, also had documented evidence to prove that Ms Miller was indeed ill and produced this to the person who admitted Ms Miller into St. Ann’s hospital. If this didn’t happen…..then on what grounds was she admitted?

There is a lot of talk being bandied about over the last two days about “forced imprisonment”, “police state” and “authoritarian rule”. Can the Minister of Feelings come forward and clear the air and tell people on what grounds Ms Miller was committed? And doh tell me is because she was acting strange, because then real people in the government could be committed on sight….and what about all the apparently mentally disturbed people on the streets? Why aren’t they being committed?

Something smells decidedly rotten about this situation and I keeping an eye on the airport’s Operations Manager issue with Devant. This place moving from bad to worse at warp speed.


De Vice Cyah Done!

Crimeclusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 21mts, 25dys: Poachers’ Rights!

San Fernando Mayor MArlene Coudray...did the UNC hunt her down? Photo courtesy Trinidad Guardian website.



Well yesterday we thought the Red Howler monkeys was the endangered specie of the day….but is apparently COP members.

Marlene Coudray ups and leave the COP in one breath, and join the UNC and end up as a candidate in their internal elections in the next breath….easy easy so….and without so much as a bye your leave to her political leader…after all she is a big woman!

Chairman of of the COP, Joseph Toney vex to buss and he warning the UNC don’t poach, or else the People’s Panchayat go mash up!  We go believe that when it come out Prakash mouth….you know how you boy fraid to lose he seat in Parliament! And to add insult to injury Roodal Moonilal reminded the COP that their party started off by poaching its members and the UNC has room for all!  And in all of this Marlene Coudray cool, cool. How the saying does go again??? Tief from Tief does make God Laugh!

Anybody keeping an eye on CAL? Apparently the company owe the Treasury real $$$$$$ in aviation fuel….how come nobody aint pulling up on them?

Gypsy well boof up constituents in Mayaro last night when he and them clash over bad roads. If you missed his meltdown on the news last night check it out here.

Well ah hear Shoppin Toppin had to apologise after Fuad Khan issue he apology and further to that she credit card get cancelled.

Ms Toppin, I want you to resign! Your apology for abuse of public funds is inadequate and late!

Further to that, I do believe you are lying when you say you were unaware of how the card was supposed to be used. In fact, every time you open your mouth about the card your lies become larger and larger.

The smart and honourable thing to do is step down….we don’t want dishonest and arrogant public officers like you!

TCL strike beginning to get very disturbing, when is not Maxi getting stoned, and Mayo residents’ water source being interfered with is homes getting firebombed. Is one thing to strike for better pay, but why so things have to get to violent? Roget, what is your position on this?

Speaking of fiery protests, Penal residents still vex with Kamla. And they have vowed to keep protesting until the Prime Minister, who is also their MP, meets with them because they are fed up of her empty promises…..imagine that…Kamla does make empty promises….you don’t say!

The upcoming Law Association elections looking stickier and stickier every week. Now their Head administrator resigned and Seetahal says no-comment. Keep an eye on this election folks…it might be more crucial than the UNC internals!

The Integrity Commission Tribunal anxious to probe the matter of Gladys de Badiss. Long time my favourite stalwart aint make the news! And it look like the Judge for Gladys case might have to recuse himself too….just now we will run out of people who could question Gladys!

In more news about people who don’t work and drawing big salary…, not the PM, I talking about The Hot shot Top Cop, Gibbs. The Commish is reported as saying there is tension between him and the PSC. Maybe because he got a negative performance appraisal…I wonder what Gibbs woulda say if he got a good appraisal…and what he think he really accomplish in the last 21months and 25days? And where the Crime Plan??????


ah boy….between credit card fraud, poaching each others party members, and non-performance by this government De Vice Cyah Done!

Crimeclusterf@$k/ Political Pantomime 21mts, 1dy:

Feting is we Naaame, We doh Play! Photo courtesy Oh Bacchanal on Face Book.


Just when we thought our various statesmen and women had decided to tone down their behaviour in the public eye Fete to de I-Max gives us another reason to chatter.

Clearly the Gladys Gafoor Affair don’t have him hot and bothered enough.
The Errant Commish!Everybody and their Police service Commission bashing Commissioner Glibbs. But nobody want to actually fire him, because it cheaper to keep his incompetence around than to actual hire somebody else to do the job that he not doing…I hope that make sense to you, because it really fly over my head….kind of like an over priced crop duster!

Police Service Welfare head Ramesar wants Gibbs and Ewatski gone and I second, third, fourth and fifth that!

Weeks after the police raid Express and Newsday Professor Deosaran finally find he tongue and make a comment on the issue….I smell the favours that are being curried…All of a sudden questioning questioning Gibbs high on the agenda…but nobody want to Ask An& any questions and ACIB falls under his jursdiction….unless the Queen has already removed it!

On the Clicogate front it appears that the kidnapping and murder of Vindra Naipaul-Coolman put a halt to audit meetings at Clico. Now this cause my eyes to widen at how systems and procedures just seem to stall and stop short at Clico…..and now I beginning to wonder about the motivation behind Naipaul-Coolman’s kidnapping and murder!

Minister of Energy and Smooth behind-the-scenes operator Kevin Ramnarine. Photo Courtesy Trinidad Express website.


While one end of the country embroiled in Clicogate, more trouble brewing in the energy and industry sector. The OWTU warns of strikes at TCL. But what have people more concerned is the TV6 report last night that Petrotrin as good as sold and the Government of Trinidad and Tobago refuses to discuss this issue with the OWTU or reveal their plans to the country. All that is known are that talks are in train and that a private consortium of businesses looking to buy it up. And Roget says the farm out will hurt the nation and has warned against it.

Does private consortium mean Friends and Family of the Govt and their cronies?
What will this mean for our energy subsidies and energy revenue?
Whose pocket is it going to fall into?
Why is the People’s Panchayat Govt so secretive about this deal?
Is the COP endorsing this nonsense and still pretending to be a patriotic party?
Is the Opposition PNM aware of this and turning a blind eye?
Help out the Pantomime here, folks!

It look like the THA smarter than Trinis because they looking to put their house in order where this People’s Panchayat Govt is concerned. how on earth the central government could decide to ignore the THA’s role in running the island is beyond me, oui. Like Kamla Rani’s leather Louis Vs gone to she head!

Minister Vasant Bharath: didn't do anything but apologising and compensating anyway!And in other news that we not supposed to talk about because it might be slander…Minister of Agriculture Vasant Bharath has not admitted to driving over or mashing anyone’s corn….but he has admitted to making police reports, has said sorry (why, if you aint do nothing) and has agreed to settle out of court. Settle what, you might ask? Why, settle nothing…because he did nothing is not going to comment on anything because there is nothing to say anything about!
This government is real tears…not in a good way….the patrimony being squandered, the country and its citizenry being abused….De Vice Cyah Done!

TWICKS (This Week In Clusterf@$KS): Feb 13th- 19th

Mr Fete Machel Montano and Miss-Must-Fete-Despite-Having-a-Country-to-Run!

There were many stories this week that battled for primacy of place in the Pantomime; but for many reasons the Prime Minister’s appearance at Machel Monday on February 13th earned top position. The incident took place at the start of the week and threw most of the nation into a total tailspin, not because her presence at fetes are unexpected; indeed, like any Trini worth her salt, the PM seems to have racked up more feting time than office hours since her return from the India Extravaganza. It seems too that on her way back from India she made a stop in London to buy a pair of pricey Louis Vuittons that she showed off to the crowd at Machel Monday. The PM’s detractors were loudly critical of her appearance on the stage as well as her dress code. Those in favour of the PM and desperate for this govenment to remain relevant and in power immediately dismissed the furor over Kamla’s inappropriate dress code as a “non-story”, what’s the fuss about? Do we question Rowley’s underwear?  The level of moral relatavism that was employed to shift from the real issue at hand was a clear sign that the supporters of this government have grown desperate. To not see those boots as vulgar and inappropriate and a symbol of what this government, certainly its Prime Minister, has come to represent to significant portions of the population, is to put one’s head in the sand. Kamla mounted a stage in an ad hoc manner representing not her private self, but the country as PM, and sought to honour a soca artiste with an award that is yet to be named, and whose reason is yet to be explained, dressed in exactly the sort of ostentatious bling that we decry in the nation’s youth when we talk of their value systems. What made our PM this last Monday a role model to the nation in any real sense? What made her a leader or stateswoman in that stunt on stage? Come Carnival Monday and Tuesday she intends to jump with Trini Revellers in a section whose theme is based on Africa….more pappy show for the masses. Take that in all yuh gaaaar!

The other reason this story received top billing was what the image above also symbolised for the fete goers and soca lovers. This appeared to be Kamla Rani’s public endorsement of Double M for major prizes at Soca Monarch and within seconds of entering the stage the talk went around the Hasely Crawford Stadium that Montano had to indeed still be in the government’s pocket. The Machel Hate and the Iwer Support became renewed and MMHD would spend the rest of this week battling not just his own demons about winning the competition but the spirit of the Vengeance of Moko that so many of the Carnival population would feel was his just due to publicly aligning himself with the government. Many asked, “who is the pimp in that relationship: Machel or Kamla?”

MMHD during his Groovy performance dressed as a Gladiator a la Ben Hur (not pharaohnic or napoleonic either!). Photo courtesy Trinidad Express website.

Then came Fantastic Friday and though Montano delivered two technically proficient performances (his voice was hoarse though and he resorted to bellowing, but then so did most of the competition), it was clear that he didn’t have as much audience support as he used to command in his pre-competition days. Montano would go on to cop not one, but both titles, as most people suspected; and now in the minds of most, Montano, for all his obvious talent and mastery of the musical form has sunk to the position of Government Stooge in the eyes of many. HE is in bed with government it seems, and willing to sell his social capital in exchange for real liquidity. So the PP Govt is reliant on his fan base to remain popular, populist and relevant. But the tides are turning for both HD and the Govt…

Of course one of the delicious little ironies that the Pantomime has noticed is that many people seem to want to ignore that Iwer George, who now has popular support as the wronged and robbed soca artiste who is entitled to the crowns, was and is openly PNM and benefitted greatly from PNM largesse. While then PM Manning never came on stage to wine and bling out and publicly endorse George, everyone within the industry knew that Iwer was heavily endorsed and supported by the PNM…indeed there is much to sustain rumours that George has been involved in diesel bunkering since the PNM’s tenure. So the ire of George’s fans may well be a case of political do so aint like so!

Ancil Roget leading his flock to 9% Promised Land. Photo courtesy Trinidad Guardian website.

The OWTU brought the government to its knees this week, and who don’t want to see that or concede to it hadda be smoking what destroyed Whitney Houston. Ancil Roget and his cohorts using a combination of gas and mas, turned the government on its head as he exploited the People’s Panchayat’s greatest fear: the shut down of the country on their watch! A national strike is akin to the 1990 coup for this government because it is a stigma and ghost they will NEVER be able to escape. Roget set the pack nicely. Waiting the week of Carnival they announced the strike, knowing full well that if the strike began Carnival Saturday and ran for 90 days there’d be no Carnival to distract the natives from the pressures of gas shortages, long lines to fill up and even more frustration in a place that is already a pressure cooker given the ineptitude of the govt.The government tried to grand charge with small pieces of trump like threatening to import gas and deploying the army. Game went to the union though, who got 9%. Now I wonder how the PSA 5% cap supporters feeling today?

The cornered Jack Warner

Fifagate has gotten to be too much for the Pantomime to fathom at this stage. Who aint suing little Jack Warner is who aint remember he owe them $$$ or who aint land in the country yet for the Carnival that is Jack! On February 12th’s Lasana Liburd dropped a bombshell that revealed Warner was involved in an Haitian aid scandal scheme. Warner just can’t seem to cut a break or start smelling clean. In typical Warneriffic style he threatened to sue Liburd for defamation and continued to avoid answering any real questions. The UNC party has also taken to pretending that there is no stench coming from Jack despite a clamouring public and numerous opinion polls. When Liburd contacted members of the UNC executive, either his calls got cut off or they indicated that there was no need to investigate the many problems plaguing Warner. Weird much?

AG Anand Ramlogan: Forgetful Jones? Photo courtesy Trinidad Express website.

In a move that struck of pure convenience the AG decided that he wanted nothing to do with the ACIB, despite knowing that this was a body that has been under the direct rule of the AG’s office since the tenure of Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj as AG. An& has singlehandedly convinced me that not only is government aware of precisely what went down during that raid on Newsday and Andre Bagoo’s home, but that they were probably the ones who instructed the operations and are now seeking to play a clever game of cover your ass. It is Clarence Rambharat’s article earlier this week, along with fmr AG’s Maharaj’s comments on CNC 3 that put the nail in the coffin for me. Mr Ramlogan even wrote about it during his time as a columist for local newspapers. And, just as eager to avoid the storm that the govt being linked to an attack on the media is likely to cause, the PM has readily agreed that she will remove the ACIB from under Ramlogan and place it under Gibbs, a man who has proven to us time and again that his major duty as CoP is to be the govt’s Fall Guy! What has me curios is this…why all the elaborate lies An&, when so many people would have been able to call you out on your claims of ignorance about the ACIB? Are you that convinced that the population is that gullible? Thank goodness we have Justice Rambharat’s article to help refresh your memory. But it’s worrisome that in light of the Newsday Raid you throw the spotlight on the Police Commissioner when in truth and in fact it’s really you, dear Mr AG, that has to explain why the ACIB conducted that raid…isn’t it?

The Commish!


The National Fall Guy Glibbs got his performance review this week and the PSC under Ramesh Deosaran gave the Hot Shot Top Cop a pass!  Then backpedalled, a dance so common under our current regime, and said it provisional. One member of the team even declined to sign off on the review. So now, we don’t know whether Glibbs has passed or not, what we do know is that Glibb’s continues to have a free hand under this government to make mistake after mistake and cock up after cock up in the name of National Security!




Justice Gladys Gafoor, throwing dust in dey face these days.


The Gladys Gafoor Affair has gotten even more complicated. No one knows if I-am-a-Gladys was informed by the President of her suspension, who gave the order in the Minisrty of Foreign Affairs and Communications to tamper with the President’s press release or if the President is still an independent office, because he clearly seems to be taking orders from someone…but why? What gives Max?

And in between all of this, it’s still murders, robberies and general crime on a regular. Calypsonians want more monies, Louis wants a bottle ban, road accidents aplenty and prophets throwing wine all on Kamala!

De Vice Cyah Done!

Have a Happy and Safe Carnival to All. See you Ash Wednesday!

Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 20mts, 22dys:

Ancil Roget (creator of the local thesaurus that includes words like Vapsical) getting ready to lead the Clan of Energydor into battle! Photo courtesy Trinidad Guardian website.

Sound the horns, because Roget coming!

In 3 days if the Government doesn’t come through with far more favourable terms this country is likely to shutdown for 90 days and in a sweetly ironic twist it is a member of our current Govt who has signed the notice of war: David Quicksilver Abdullah!

Lines for gas grow as fuel reserves go lower and lower.

Both Queen Kamla and the Energy Imp, Kevin, have gone on record saying gas reserves are there, while reports show that reserves are lower than they should be. The Imp   has even declared that he will IMPORT fuel if he needs to…..with what $$$$$ Kevin?,155387.html

The most repeated lines of this Pantomime these days are: I don’t know; I wasn’t informed: I was advised or I’ll launch an investigation into it.

Lawyers want to know why Andre Bagoo’s house is under police surveillance….and Glibbs, the Ken to Kamla Rani’s Barbie, has responded that he………doesn’t know!

This Govt sinks accountability to newer depths daily.

As if long lines at the gas station and short supplies of fuel aren’t enough, the Police Service is coming under regular fire for poor performance, poor execution of its duties, and poor training that reveals a deep, dark festering core of corrupt practies. Two foreign media bodies have called on local police to apologise for the raids….let’s see how long Glibbs, An& and the Queen intend to drag this out for.,155388.html

The AG who seems to be slow to take action or responsibility these days.....any word on Calder Hart?

Discontent is brewing in the far lands to the north east….THA’s London has written to the AG on non-action on two Bills.
An&, boy things beginning to look real sticky. First you have absolutely no clue about what going on in the Anti-Corruption Bureau, a division that falls under your remit. Or are you making that up? Remember complaining about the unit a few years ago? Saying that it was the AG’s secret police? Now you claiming ignorance on the raid on Newsday and passing the buck. You tell Kamla Rani you don’t want that division no more and like a spoilt child throw it back to Glibbs the Fall Guy?????? Responsible behaviour from this People’s Panchayat too bad!

Add to all of this the ever escalating crime situation, 2 more gunned down, the murder toll is now 53.

Paula Chester-Cumberbatch, who was fired by one RHA  has been hired to run Tobago’s RHA…..huh?,155390.html

New twists and turns in the Non-Integrity Commission Gafoor/Gordon Affair….university lecturer alleges that Gordon is also in breach of laws and could well be dismissed too.,155347.html

Gladys the Badiss insists she not moving!,155344.html

PantyGate becoming a full fledged 5-act play complete with its own play-within-a-play! Now Sita Gajardharsingh-Nanga, who wanted a transfer from under Sat so badly is now challenging her transfer orders…..So you prefer the conditions under the Panty Rajah? Battered wife syndrome much?,155349.html

And while Trinidad and Tobago burns the Queen going to fete after fete after fete!

De Vice Cyah Done!!!!

Miss Must Fete in her favourite place....on a stage, close to a mic....careful HD, she might take over your career!

A clusterf@$k describes a perfect storm being created by the coming together or even collision of the right elements.

A pantomime is a theatrical production put on by actors.

This country seems to be heading towards a clusterfuck while depending on a troupe of actors to run the country in the midst of what is clearly a growing crisis.